Rodolfo Alvarez Sanchez: Seismic response verification of reinforced concrete structural wall systems

Rodolfo Alvarez Sanchez, a UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral Fellow, is pursuing his doctoral studies in structural engineering at UC San Diego. His early interest in earthquake engineering and non-linear analysis of structures was shaped in part by having experienced a quake of 7.2 magnitude in Mexicali in 2010. Prior to attending UC San Diego, he completed his master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Guadalajara where he focused on developing software for non-linear dynamic analysis of masonry structures. Dynamic analysis estimates the response of structures under dynamic excitation such as earthquakes, which allows structural engineers to design safer structures.

Alvarez Sanchez’s decision to attend UC San Diego for his doctoral studies was inspired by the high level of expertise in structural design and earthquake engineering at this campus. He is currently in the 4th year of his doctoral studies. Under the advisement of Professor Jose I. Restrepo, Alvarez Sanchez seeks to improve the Beam Truss Model (BTM, Lu et al. 2014), a methodology for the analysis of nonplanar reinforced concrete components (walls and slabs) under cyclic loading. He hopes to extend the application of BTM for the prediction of shear failures in reinforced concrete coupled walls, buckling of reinforced concrete slender walls and seismic performance of core walls under large deformations.

For his dissertation, he will be exploring seismic response verification of reinforced concrete structural wall systems. He proudly looks forward to the publication of his first journal article, “Nonlinear Cyclic Beam Truss Model for Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Coupled Structural Walls.”

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