Minerva Oropeza-Escobar and Stefan Gries: Folktales of Veracruz
Gries Oropeza website
Home page for the electronic corpus of Veracruz folktales. The engraving featured on the site is "Don Crescencio, Arpista Veracruzano del Diamante" by Carlos Garibay.

Minerva Oropeza Escobar, from the Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS) - Unidad Golfo, and Stefan Th. Gries, from the Department of Linguistics at UC Santa Barbara, were awarded a 2007 UC MEXUS-CONACYT collaborative grant to compile an electronic corpus of folktales of the Mexican state of Veracruz. The project contributes to the preservation of the narrative repertoire and cultural knowledge of the people of Veracruz while also generating teaching and reading materials for a variety of educational and academic purposes. A website for the project, hosted by CIESAS-Golfo, allows researchers to access the full text and relevant information for hundreds of narratives. The analytical implications of the electronic corpus were recently published in a special 2011 issue of Pragmatics (21:2) as "Framing and collaboration in storytelling events. Forgetfulness, reflexivity and word search" (pp. 213-230). Oropeza continues to work on updating the annotation system for the narratives. For additional information please consult Dra. Oropeza's and Dr. Gries' websites or their UC MEXUS-CONACYT collaborative grant page.