Catalina López-Sagástegui
Group shot
Catalina López-Sagástegui (second from left) meets with local community and NGO members in El Golfo de Santa Clara.Photo by Chris Johnson-earthOCEAN

Catalina López-Sagástegui is the first Scholar in Residence at UC MEXUS as part of a new residency program at the Institute for researchers, scholars, and artists whose work falls within the UC MEXUS mandate. Ms. López-Sagástegui received her Master's degree four years ago in marine biodiversity and conservation from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. In 2006, she started working with Noroeste Sustentable A.C., a nongovernmental organization dedicated to creating a common vision around sustainable development in Mexico's northwest. As program coordinator for the Upper Gulf of California Program, Ms. López-Sagástegui facilitated the interactions among government officials, NGOs, local communities and fishermen on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border to design effective conservation efforts for the vaquita marina, an endangered marine mammal, and local fishing resources. As a resident scholar at UC MEXUS, she will be drawing on her recent experience to develop a descriptive analysis of collaborative efforts and processes for conservation and resource management the Upper Gulf of California, as well as assisting UC MEXUS to establish new research initiatives.

The UC MEXUS Scholars in Residence Program is intended for scholarly activities and interaction with the UC community that will lead to a specific outcome, such as a publication, performance, or exhibit. For more information about this program, please consult the program description.

Vaquita Marina surfaces
Vaquita Marina surfaces in the Gulf of CaliforniaPhoto by Chris Johnson-earthOCEAN