Dissertation Grants

UC MEXUS awards Dissertation Grants to UC graduate students for research toward the completion of their dissertations. Grant recipients are presented by year below, along with their departments, home campuses, faculty advisors, and project titles. “SCR 43” refers to California Senate Concurrent Resolution 43, which inspired specific support for research and creative activities in the area of Latino Studies.

By Year
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Rosie Bermudez, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UCSB
(Advisor: Miroslava Chavez-Garcia)
Chicana Welfare Rights: Alicia Escalante and the East Los Angeles Welfare Rights Organization, 1967-1974

Araceli Calderón, Spanish and Portuguese, UCI
(Advisors: Viviane Mahieux and Catherine Benamou)
The Mexican Revolution: Ideologies of Motherhood in Mexican Cinema and Narrative

Maria del Carmen Cebreros Urzaiz, World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA
(Advisor: Mary N. Roberts)
Making Locations: Decentralizing Cultural Policies and Consolidating Art Communities in Mexico

Luis Chavez, Music, UCD
(Advisors: Zoila Mendoza and Henry Spiller)
The Utopia of Borders: On Music, Dance, and Festival in Northern Mexico

Konstantin Choumiline, Earth Sciences, UCR
(Advisor: Timothy Lyons)
Uranium isotopes as a novel proxy for oceanic redox and productivity in contrasting modern marine basins of the Gulf of California

Matthew Costa, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
(Advisor: James Leichter)
Belowground Mangrove Carbon: Spatial Patterns and Limitations on Decomposition Processes

Annie Danis, Anthropology, UCB
(Advisor: Jun Sunseri)
Archaeology of Pueblo de Abiquiu’s Historic Asequia System (New Mexico, U.S.A.)
SCR 43

Luz A. de Wit, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCSC
(Advisor: Donald Croll)
Understanding the association between feral cat density and rate of exposure to Toxoplasma gondii in island inhabitants of Mexico

Rebeca Figueroa, Native American Studies, UCD
(Advisor: Steven J. Crum)
From Pueblos de Indios to Hidrocálido Citizens to Mexicans: De-Indianization through Displacement and Settler Colonial Governances

Roberto Gallardo, Sociology, UCR
(Advisor: Adalberto Aguirre)
On the Thin Blue Line: Examining the Experience Mexican-American Officers in the Los Angeles Police Department

Eric Garcia, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCSC
(Advisor: Giacomo Bernardi)
Genomic Analysis of Disjunct Marine Fish Populations of the Northeastern Pacific and Sea of Cortez

Alma Garza, Sociology, UCI
(Advisor: Cynthia Feliciano)
Treading Borders: How College and Community Cultures Shape the Upwardly Mobile Experiences of Mexican-Origin Students

Miriam Paloma Giottonini Badilla, Urban Planning, UCLA
(Advisor: Leobardo Estrada)
Energy efficiency as an instrument for improving the living conditions of low-income households

Angel Gonzalez Lopez, Anthropology, UCR
(Advisor: Karl Taube)
The Aztec Stone Sculpture from the Basin of Mexico Project: Distinguishing agents, discourses, identities, and changes

Rebecca Hasselbeck, Anthropology, UCI
(Advisor: Leo Chavez)
Social and Labor Relations in the United States Horse Racing Industry
SCR 43
Mildred Mathias Award

Tracy Hruska, Environmental Science, Policy, & Management, UCB
(Advisor: Lynn Huntsinger)
Thorny transformations: Shrub encroachment, agricultural conversion, and social change in northwestern Chihuahua

Sarah Kienle, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCSC
(Advisor: Daniel Costa)
Investigating the foraging behavior of a large marine predator, the northern elephant seal

Angel Ku, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, UCSF
(Advisor: Sourav Bandyopadhyay)
Discovery and Functional Characterization of Essential Pathways in KRAS Mutant Lung Cancers Cancer to targeted health disparities in Mexican and U.S. Born Latinos

Lina Reznicek-Parrado, Spanish and Portuguese, UCD
(Advisor: Cecilia Colombi)
Peer-to-peer Tutoring in Spanish as a Heritage Language: A Qualitative Study of Student Literacy Practices
SCR 43

Silvia Rodriguez Vega, Cesar E. Chavez Dept. of Chicana/o Studies, UCLA
(Advisor: Leisy Abrego)
Healing with HeART: Resilience and Coping with Immigrant Children
SCR 43

Marco Antonio Rosales, History, UCD
(Advisor: Lorena Oropeza)
Battleground Arizona: Chicanos, Conservatives and the Roots of Racial Conflict in Arizona

Catharina Santasilia, Anthropology, UCR
(Advisor: Karl Taube)
Tlatilco: Where Things Are Hidden

Victoria Whitener, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA
(Advisor: Jennifer Jay)
Pathogen and antibiotic resistance gene dynamics in reclaimed water at agricultural sites in northern Mexico


Eleinis Avila-Lovera, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Louis Santiago)
Stem photosynthesis responses to drought in Baja California: Coordination between carbon and water resources

Philipp Brand, Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis
(Advisor: Santiago Ramírez)
Evolution of pheromone communication systems and its implications in reproductive isolation in orchid bees

Katherine Ennis, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Stacy M. Philpott)
Evaluating the ecological and economic consequences of shifting rainfall patterns in a Mexican coffee agroecosystem
Mildred Mathias Award - Co-Recipient

Stephanie Fairchild, History, UC San Diego
(Advisor: David Gutierrez)
"Every Generation Has to Win it Again": Understanding SEIU's Justice for Janitors Campaign in the Continuum of Radical Struggle for Justice and Dignity

Aurora Feeney-Kleinfeldt, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Charles Briggs)
Living Language and Feeling Communication: Yucatec Maya Speaker Collective Experiences and Embodiments of Meaning Making and Indigeneity

Richard Grijalva, Rhetoric, UC Berkeley
(Advisors: Samera Esmeir and Ivonne del Valle)
Archival Research and Primary Source Acquisition/Analysis for "The Idea of Mexico in the Long Colonial Twilight: Forging a Concept from the Bourbon Reforms to the First Federal Republic, 1754-1824"

Maria Gutierrez, Native American Studies, UC Davis
(Advisor: Liza Grandia)
State Nationalism, Cultural Politics, and Indigenous Intellectualisms: Educational Processes in the Pur'hépecha Region of Michoacán, Mexico, 1938-1990

Maria Esteli Jimenez Soto, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Stacy M. Philpott)
Complexity in a cup of coffee: Ecological and social implications of resource heterogeneity in Mexican coffee agroecosystems
Mildred Mathias Award - Co-Recipient

Lisa Johnson, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Rosemary Joyce)
Analyzing the Ritual 'Event': The Material Traces of Ancient Maya Ritual Practice in the Palenque Region of Chiapas, Mexico

Jane Lilly Lopez, Sociology, UC San Diego
(Advisor: David FitzGerald and Kwai Ng)
(Un)Authorized Love: U.S. Immigration Law and the Effects of Institutional (Dis)Approval on Mixed-Citizenship Families

Kristina Nielsen, Ethnomusicology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Tara Browner)
Danza Mexica in the United States: Alliances, Boundaries, and their Musical Manifestations in Contemporary Indigenous Movements

Phillip Ninomiya, History, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Rachel O'Toole)
Colonial Cosmopolitanism: Local Merchants and the Trade in Pacific Goods in Mexico, 1620-1670

Angela Ocampo, Political Science, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Matt Barreto)
Unengaged, irregular and habitual participants: Latinos transitioning in the U.S. political system

Elisa Oceguera, Cultural Studies, UC Davis
(Advisor: Robert Irwin)
In and Against Community: Heterodox Subjectivities in Agricultural California

Mathias Poertner, Political Science, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Ruth Berins Collier)
Creating Partisans: New Political Parties and Societal Linkages in Latin America

Paulo Quadri, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Erika Zavaleta)
Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use Change on Forest Species Distribution in the Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl Volcanoes

Claudia Rafful, Division of Global Public Health, Dept. of Medicine, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Steffanie Strathdee)
Impact of involuntary drug treatment on HIV risk behaviors among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico

Irene Vega, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Vilma Ortiz)
Doing the State's Work on the Local Level: A Comparative Case Study of Immigration Enforcement Agents


Darren Banks, Mechanical Engineering, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Guillermo Aguilar)
Optical Cavitation for Localized Cooling Enhancement

Hector Beltran, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Charles Briggs)
The Rise of the Mexican/American Tech Startup Boom

Caitlin Cavanagh, Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Elizabeth Cauffman)
The Role of Family in Probationary Success for Latino Juvenile Offenders

Jessica Chiang, Psychology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Andrew Fuligni)
Understanding Disease Risk Among Mexicans in the U.S.: The Impact of Early Family Stress on Inflammation and Underlying Mechanisms

Erin Conners, Division of Global Public Health, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Kimberly Brouwer)
Potential Role of Migration in Chagas Disease Expansion

Yasaman Damestani, Bioengineering, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Guillermo Aguilar)
Windows to the Brain (WttB): Transparent yttria-stabilized-zirconia (YSZ) cranial implants for non-invasive, chronic access to the brain for optical diagnostics and therapeutics

Charlie de la Rosa, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisors: Patricia Gowaty and Stephen Hubbell)
Effects of cattle foraging on the structure and composition of tropical deciduous forest in Sonora, Mexico

Meghan Donnelly, Anthropology, UC Davis
(Advisor: Joseph Dumit)
Violence and an Emergent Ethics of Journalism in Mexico

Eva Durazo, Community Health Sciences, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Steven Wallace)
How Ethnic Enclaves Affect Diabetes Among Older Mexican-origin Adults in the Southwest

Edwin Elias, Sociology, UC Riverside
(Advisors: Adalberto Aguirre and Ellen Reese)
New Dreams: The Impact of DACA on undocumented youth

Ruben Espinoza, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Steve McKay)
Fields in the Factory: Unpacking Precarious Labor in the Salinas Valley's Bagged Salad Industry

Kirby Farah, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Wendy Ashmore)
Elite domestic spaces and quotidian practices at Postclassic Xaltocan, Mexico

Mikael Fauvelle, Anthropology, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Guillermo Algaze)
Proyecto Arqueológico Fracción Mujular: Exploring Teotihuacan Influences in Domestic Contexts on Cerro Bernal, Chiapas, México

Miguel Garcia, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Davis
(Advisor: Robert Irwin)
Ambivalent Modernity: Science and Technology in Mexican Film, from the Golden Era and Beyond

Luz Maria Garcini, Psychology/Psychiatry, UC San Diego
(Advisors: Elizabeth Klonoff and Monica Ulibarri)
Proyecto Voces: A Study of Wellbeing among Mexican Undocumented Immigrants in San Diego

Tadej Gracner, Economics, UC Berkeley
(Advisors: Frederico Finan and Paul Gertler)
Cheaper Calories, Bigger Waistlines? The Role of Prices in Obesity Epidemic in Mexico

Jacqueline Lopez Gregory, Family Health Nursing, UC San Francisco
(Advisor: Catherine Chesla)
Exploring the Expression of Pain by Limited English Proficient Latino Immigrants in Language and Culturally Discordant Health Encounters

Sandra Gutierrez, Native American Studies, UC Davis
(Advisor: Liza Grandia)
"Juchari Uinapekua!:" Indigenous Identity, Land Struggles, and Ethno-nationalism in Michoacan's Lake Patzcuaro

Aaron Hyman, History of Art, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Elizabeth Honig)
Rubens in a New World: Prints, Authorship and Transatlantic Intertextuality

Shelley LaMon, Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Juan Vicente Palerm)
From the Far South to the North: The New International Migration of Indigenous Mexicans to the United States

Camilo Lund-Montano, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Waldo Martin)
Out of Order: Radical Lawyers and Revolutionary Movements in the Global Sixties

Alina Mendez, History, UC San Diego
(Advisors: David Gutierrez and Natalia Molina)
Cheap for Whom? Family Migration and Labor in the Imperial-Mexicali Borderlands, 1942-1964

Elizabeth Miller, Visual Arts Department, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Mariana Wardwell)
Maya Ruins in the U.S. Imagination: Critical Reflections in Art, Architecture and Archaeology 1840-1970

Eduardo Montoya, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Alain de Janvry)
Firms and crime: Evidence from the Mexican drug war

Keenan Morrison, Biology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: David Reznick)
The effect of reproductive mode on speciation in Cyprinodontiform fishes

Mark Ocegueda, History, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Vicki Ruiz)
Sol y Sombra: San Bernardino's Mexican American Community, 1900-1960

Jessica Ordaz, History, UC Davis
(Advisor: Lorena Oropeza)
Making Invisible Carceral Spaces Visible: Activism Inside Immigrant Detention Centers Along the U.S-Mexico Border, 1952-2001

Ulices Pina, History, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Eric Van Young)
Rebellious Citizens: National Reforms, State Formation, and the Practice of Local Governance in Jalisco, Mexico, 1915-1940

Anthony Rasmussen, Music, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Jonathan Ritter)
Hearing Change: Sonic Imaginaries in Mexico City

Jazmin Rodriguez-Jordan, Nutrition, UC Davis
(Advisor: Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr)
Introducing a Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education Curriculum for Elementary Schoolchildren in Mexico: A Feasibility Study

Diana Rose, History of Art and Visual Culture, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Carolyn Dean)
Living Time, Performing Memory: Maya Ceremonies of Foundation and Renewal

Carolyn Schutten, History, UC Riverside
(Advisors: David Biggs and Catherine Gudis)
Flow and Obstruction: Modern History of the Tijuana River

Andrew Semotiuk, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Darrel Jenerette)
Yoreme-Mayo Ethnobotany and Botanical Resource use in a Modern World

Fernando Serrano, History, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Kevin Terraciano)
Indigenous Workers in the Guanajuato Mines: Labor, Migration, and Capital in the Transformation of Space, 1700-1800

Jessica Stair, History of Art, UC Berkeley
(Advisors: Todd Olson and Lisa Trever)
Indigenous Literacy and Systems of Remembrance in the Techialoyan Manuscripts of Seventeenth-Century New Spain

Calandra Turner Tomaszewicz, Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Carolyn Kurle)
Ecology and conservation of two migratory endangered species
Mildred Mathias Award

Amity Zimmer-Faust, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Jennifer Jay)
Development of the Inverse Capture IMS/ATP assay for rapid detection of human contamination sources to coastal water quality in Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada, Mexico


Erica Arenas, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Robert Mare)
The role of preferences in union formation

Pierre Bachas, Economics, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Emmanuel Saez)
Access to finance and informality: The Mexican tax on cash deposits

Paul Barba, History, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Paul Spickard)
Enslaved in Texas: Slavery and Migration in Southeastern Comanchería
SCR 43

Victoria Bredow, Planning, Policy and Design, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Martha Feldman)
Making community engagement and immigration reform health policy: The role of community knowledge in local planning and policy making
SCR 43

Emma Britton, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Judith Habicht-Mauche)
Understanding the diversity of Casas Grandes polychromes and their social implications
Mildred Mathias Award

Edelina Burciaga, Sociology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Cynthia Feliciano)
The new civics of belonging: The impact of state and local immigration law on the incorporation of the undocumented 1.5-generation
SCR 43

Georgia Hartman, Anthropology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Julia Elyachar)
Constructing property in Cancún's informal settlements

Sarah Hykin, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Marvalee Wake)
The evolution of live-birth: Mexican Bunchgrass Lizards as an emerging model for adaptive evolution of a complex trait

Grayson Maas, Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Susan Stonich)
Bridging the identity gap: Affordances and constraints to becoming a science person
SCR 43

Jorge Mena, Computer Science, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Mario Gerla)
Vehicular network operating on a cognitive network

Anna O'Brien, Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis
(Advisors: Sharon Strauss, Evolution and Ecology, and Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, Plant Sciences)
Do environmental gradients drive adaptation in mutualisms? A study of teosinte and mycorrhizae

Raquel Pacheco, Anthropology, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Nancy Postero)
Intergenerational dissonance: Youth, migration and indigenous politics

Logan Puck, Politics, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Kent Eaton)
Partners against crime? Private security and the Mexican State

Elizabeth Reddy, Anthropology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Bill Maurer)
Seismic politics: The scientific development of an early alert system infrastructure in Mexico

Sonia Rodriguez, English, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Traise Yamamoto)
Conocimineto, narrative and healing in Latina/o children's and young adult literature
SCR 43

Melissa Ruck, Pediatrics, UC San Francisco
(Advisor: Michelle Hermiston)
Cooperative gene interactions in innate immunity leading to SLE
SCR 43

Flavio Silva de la Mora, Archeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Rosemary Joyce)
Lithic communities of practice in the Northwestern Maya Lowlands: Looking at Political and Economic Integration in the Late Classic (700-900 C.E.)

David Tamayo, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Margaret Chowning)
From members of the club to members of the polity: Voluntary associations the formation of the middle classes and the development of civil society in post-revolutionary Mexico 1920-1970


Paul Bilinski, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
(Advisor: Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra)
The Adaptive Role of Repeat-Driven Differences in Genome Size in Maize and Its Wild Relatives

Celina Callahan-Kapoor, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Matthew Wolf-Meyer)
Forming National Identities through Illness: Type-2 Diabetes and Obesity in McAllen, Texas
SCR 43

Lucien Carroll, Linguistics, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Gabriela Caballero)
Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec Word Prosodic Phonology

Christopher DiVittorio, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: David Ackerly)
Field and molecular estimates of natural selection and gene flow at 15 natural Encelia hybrid zones
Mildred Mathias Award

Kevin Escudero, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
(Advisors: Evelyn Glenn and Roberto Gonzales)
Mobilizing Rights, Contesting Citizenship and Leveraging Intersectional Identities: Immigrant Youth Activism and the Movement to Pass the DREAM Act
SCR 43

Alberto Garcia, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Margaret Chowning)
Northward Bound: The Bracero Program and Mexican Migration in Historical Perspective 1920-1970

Angela Garcia, Sociology, UC San Diego
(Advisor: David Fitzgerald)
Navigating Exclusion and Accommodation: Local Immigrant Policy and the Shaping of Incorporation
SCR 43

Sebastián Garrido de Sierra, Political Science, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Barbara Geddes)
Defections from the PRI 1982-2006

Micah Gell-Redman, Political Science, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Wayne Cornelius)
Institutions, Accountability and Public Health in Mexico

Andrew Gottscho, Biology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: John Gatesy)
Comparative Phylogeography and Speciation of Phrynosomatid Lizards of the Baja California Peninsula: Integrating Genomics, Climate and Geology

Laura Gutierrez, History, UC San Diego
(Advisor: David Gutierrez)
Return Migration and Post-Revolutionary Promise: Repatriation, Deportation and Development in Torreón 1920-1965

Robert Kett, Anthropology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Mei Zhan)
Subterranean science: Oil, archaeology and the making of Southern Mexico

Sergio Nigenda Morales, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Robert Wayne)
Adaptation to different environments of the North American marsupial the Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Caitlin Patler , Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Roger Waldinger)
Young and Undocumented: The Impacts of Legal Status on the Incorporation of Immigrant Young Adults in California
SCR 43

Martin Rizzo, History, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Lisbeth Haas)
"No Somos Animales:" Indigenous Diversity and Plurality in 19th Century Santa Cruz, California
SCR 43

David Trouille, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Jack Katz)
Jugadores del parque: Immigrants, soccer and the mobilization of social ties
SCR 43

Luz Maria Sinaia Urrusti Frenk, Economics, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Frederico Finan)
The Political Economics of Media Capture in Mexico

Rosalynn Vega, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Charles Briggs)
A Tale of Two Births: Newborns and Neoliberalism in Multiethnic Mexico

Julie Wesp, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisors: Rosemary Joyce and Sabrina Agarwal)
Bioarchaeological Evidence of Gendered Labor in Colonial Mexico


Cynthia Albarrán, School of Nursing, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: MarySue Heilemann)
Perceptions Regarding HIV Risk and Sexual Health Among Female Migrant Farmworkers

John Alvarado, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Tom Patterson)
Reconceptualizing Changing Indigenous Masculinities and Usos y Costumbres in A Mixtec Transnational Community: The Case of San Jerónimo Progreso

Alberto Barrera Enderle, History, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Jaime E. Rodríguez)
The Transformation of the Political Culture in the Eastern Interior Provinces of the Viceroyalty of New Spain 1780-1824

Bryan Cockrell, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Rosemary Joyce)
Technological Characterization of Metals from the Cenote Sagrado Chichén Itzá

Laura Enríquez, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Vilma Ortíz)
Theorizing Patterns of Incorporation and Belonging for Undocumented Mexican Young Adults

Raquel Garcia, Spanish, UC Davis
(Advisor: Linda Egan)
Conscious Political Incorrectness: A Legitimate Discourse in Contemporary Mexican Literature, Theater and Stand-up Comedy

Osvaldo Gutiérrez, Chemistry, UC Davis
(Advisor: Dean J. Tantillo)
Regiocontrol in Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization/Cope Rearrangements of 15-Hexadienes

Melissa Guzmán, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Denise Segura)
Marking Spiritual Homes, Belonging and Boundaries: Mexican Pentecostals and Spiritual Citizenship

Si-Han Hai, Pediatrics, UC San Francisco
(Advisor: Michelle Hermiston)
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms for Lupus Nephritis in a Mouse Model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Graham Hill, Sociology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Dylan Riley)
Ambivalent Nationalism: A Study of the Relationship Between Intra-Nationalism and Inter-Nationalism in Mexico

Elizabeth Horevitz, Social Welfare, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Kurt Organista)
Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Toward Reducing Mexican Im/migrant Health Disparities?

Benjamin Lessing, Political Science, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: David Collier)
The Logic of Violence in Criminal War

Patrick López-Aguado, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Victor Rios)
Affiliation, Identity and Criminalization: Tracing the Cultural Links between Prison and High-Incarceration Chicano/a Communities

Tomás Madrigal, Chicana/o Studies, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Juan Vicente Palerm)
The Demand for Labor and Mexican-origin Campesino Households in Washington State 1976-2012

Kaitlyn Mathis, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Neil Tsutsui)
Host Selection and Successful Parasitism of the Aggressive Arboreal Ant Azteca instabilis by Decapitating Phorid Flies (Genus: Pseudacteon) in Dynamic Coffee Agroecosystems

Veronica Montes, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisors: William Robinson and Denise Segura)
Household Economic Strategies in Transnational Mexican Families and their Gender Dimensions

Sarah Morando, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Stefan Timmermans)
De Algo Malo Algo Bueno": The Humanitarian Path to U.S. Citizenship"

Quetzalcoatl Orozco-Ramírez, Geography Graduate Group, UC Davis
(Advisor: Stephen Brush)
Human Perception and Management of Maize Diversity Related to Ethno-Linguistic Variation in the Context of Climate Change

Alicia Romero, History, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Alice Yang)
Portrait of a Barrio: Memory and Visual Culture in Barelas, N.M., 1900-1969

Stevie Ruiz, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Natalia Molina)
Settling for Less?: Interracial Sexual Politics and Land Conflict at the U.S.-Mexico Border 1905-1965

Adam Slade, Mechanical Engineering, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Guillermo Aguilar)
Thermally Induced Fracture of Tissue

Kurt Spurgin, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Margarita Currás-Collazo)
Cardiovascular toxicity following developmental exposure to organohalogen pollutant PBDEs

Germán Vergara, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Margaret Chowning)
Heterogenous Landscapes: Modernity, Peasants and Environmental Change in Nineteenth-Century Valley of Mexico

Ana Villarreal Montemayor, Sociology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Loïc Wacquant)
Violence, Fear and the Makeover of Everyday Life in the Mexican Metropolis

Nolan Warden, Ethnomusicology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisors: Steven Loza and Anthony Seeger)
Music of the Huichol People: The Construction and Commodification of an Ethnic Identity

Benjamin Wilder, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Exequiel Ezcurra)
Historical Biogeography of the Midriff Islands, Gulf of California, Mexico

Stephen Yee, Plant and Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Chelsea Specht)
Understanding the role of miR156 and the SPL genes in the evolution of sporophyte dominance


Abigail Andrews, Sociology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Peter Evans)
The Upshot of El Otro Lado: How Mixtec and Zapotec Migration Patterns Shape Gender Community and the Tradeoffs of Neoliberalism

Rebecca Anguiano, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Frank Worrell)
Language Brokering among Mexican Immigrant Families: Measurement Validation and Relationship to Family Dynamics, Perceived Stress, and Academics

Nick Bravo, History, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Vicki Ruiz)
Spinning the Bottle: Ethnic Mexicans and Alcohol in Los Angeles, 1900-1940

Michelle Butler, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Wendy Ashmore)
Ancient Political Authority and Communal Identity: Archaeology at Charco Redondo

Megan Carney, Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Susan Stonich)
Latina Women in the Making of Community-based Food Policy: The Transition from Food Security to Food Sovereignty

Thomas Carrasco, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: George Lipsitz)
Oppositional Performance:A Social-Historical Analysis of the Avant-Garde Comedy Troupe Chicano Secret Service

Juliet Chandler, Social and Behavioral Science, UC San Francisco
(Advisors: Roberta Rehm and Ruth Malone)
Living with Chronic Illness: Care-Seeking Experiences of Uninsured Latina Immigrants

Francisco Fuentes, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval)
Christian Youth Culture and Chicano Communities at the San Diego-Tijuana Border

Amy Garza, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Olga Najera-Ramirez)
Places of Sanctuary: Religion and Post-Migration Ethnicity in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Naomi Glenn-Levin, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Don Brenneis)
Translating Care: Transnational Families and State Interventions on the U.S./Mexico Border

Christopher Guilliams, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Bruce Baldwin)
Phylogenetic relationships and ecological speciation of the popcorn flowers Plagiobothrys Boraginaceae

Juan Herrera, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Ramon Grosfoguel)
Producing Fruitvale, Producing Latinidad: Race, Architecture and the Neoliberal Politics of Place

Alvaro Huerta, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
(Advisors: Karen Christensen and Leo Estrada)
Examining the Perils and Promises of an Informal Niche in a Global City: A Case Study of Paid Mexican Gardeners in Los Angeles

Veneranda Juarez-Varela, Geography Graduate Group, UC Davis
(Advisor: Luis E. Guarnizo)
Challenges and Opportunities for Mexican Rural Mazahua Women in a Context of Spatial Mobility

Argelia Lara, Education, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Daniel Solorzano)
Achieving the Dream, Facing Reality: Post-baccalaureate Experiences of Undocumented Latina/o College Graduates

Nicoletta Maestri, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Wendy Ashmore)
Investigating Ancient Political Landscapes in the Usumacinta Region: Research in the Site of Boca Chinikiha, Mexico

Dennis Xavier Medina Vidal, Political Science, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Martin Johnson)
Voces del Capitolio: Spanish-Language Media in the Statehouse

Leah Muse-Orlinoff, Sociology, UC San Diego
(Advisor: David FitzGerald)
Network Formation and Structure in Yucatecan Immigrant Entrepreneurs' Business Networks

M. Joey Pakes, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
(Advisors: Roy Caldwell and David Lindberg)
Investigation of chemosymbionts in the Anchialine Cave crustaceans Speleonectes tulumensis (Remipedia) and Typhlatya sp (Malacostraca)

Ricardo Perez Martinez, Physics and Astronomy, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Jose Wudka)
The study of gauge fields and fermions in compact spaces of the form M x I

Magali Rabasa, Cultural Studies, UC Davis
(Advisor: Marisol de la Cadena)
A Tianguis of Books or Making Books Public: Collective-Presses and Intellectual-Political Networks in a 'Continent in Movement'

Gina Rinetti-Vargas, Neurobiology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Felix Schweizer)
Pesticide-induced neurodegeneration: Understanding the effects on neuronal function and testing alternative therapeutic approaches

Rebecca Romo, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisors: Denise Segura and G. Reginald Daniel)
Between Black and Brown: Blaxican Identity in the United States

Naomi Schapiro, Family Health Care Nursing, UC San Francisco
(Advisor: Susan Kools)
Growing Up in the Transnational Family: Adolescent Perspectives on Family Reunification after Immigration-Related Separation

Sarah Selvidge, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Margaret Chowning)
Modernism and the Miracle: Architecture Planning and the State in Mexico 1940-1970

Cristina Serna, Chicana/o Studies, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Horacio Roque Ramirez)
Deconstructing the Nation: Queer and Feminist Artists in Mexican and Chicana/o Social Movements

Leticia Soto, Ethnomusicology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Steven Loza)
How Musical is Woman?: Gender and Aesthetics in Mariachi Performance

Eva Telzer, Psychology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisors: Andrew Fuligni and Adriana Galván)
The Protective Effects of Familism on Risky Behavior among Mexican Immigrant Youth

Vanessa Thulsiraj, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Jennifer Jay)
Characterizing fecal pollution in the San Antonio de los Buenos watershed through the development and application of rapid quantitative methods
(Mildred Mathias Award)

Alex Van Dam, Animal Science, UC Davis
(Advisor: Bernie May)
Genetic diversity of Mexico's cochineal insect: New insights into a pre-PRE-Columbian crop

Sylvia Zamora, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Vilma Ortiz)
Mexican Immigrants' Racial Perceptions of African Americans Pre and Post-Migration

Susy Zepeda, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Patricia Zavella)
Tracing Queer Latina Diasporas


Jacqueline Avila, Music, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Leonora Saavedra)
Mexican Cinematic Music of the Golden Era

Ann Bowers, Geology and Earth Science, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Richard Minnich)
Modeling forest structure in dry mixed-conifer forests of the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, Baja California

Brenda Carpio, Political Science, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Raul Fernandez)
Ahora marchamos, Mañana votamos: Spanish-Language Media and Latino Political Participation
SCR 43

Jennifer Chmilar, Center for Conservation Biology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Scott L. Fedick)
Ancient Maya Landscape Management in a Dynamic Wetland Environment: El Eden, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Irenka Domínguez-Pareto, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Patricia Baquedano-López)
Learning Advocacy as Mothering: Language Socialization among Mexican Mothers of Children with Cognitive Disabilities in the Bay Area
SCR 43

Monica Garcia, History, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Zaragosa Vargas)
A History of Mexican and Mexican-American Women in the Mining Regions of the Rocky Mountain West, 1890-1930
SCR 43

Lucia Gudiel, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Scott L. Fedick)
Revisiting the Role of Root-Crops in Ancient Lowland Maya Subsistence: An Ethnoarchaeological and Experimental Approach

Santiago Guerrero, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Jeffrey M. Perloff)
Trickledown transparency in the Mexican gasoline market

Adriana Manago, Psychology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Patricia Greenfield)
Gender and Identity Development in the Context of Social Change in a Maya Community

Teri Orr, Biology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Kimberly Hammond)
Testing the cost and benefits of reproductive delays in the Jamaican fruit bat and a preliminary analysis of the reproductive patterns of the hairy fruit-eating bat

Veronica Pacheco, Ethnomusicology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Anthony Seeger)
Experiencing Religion through Music: A Study of Music and Religious Rituals in a Nahua Community

Shankari Patel, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Thomas Patterson)
Journey to the East: Pilgrimage Politics and Gender in Postclassic Yucatan

Francisco Perez-Gutierrez, Mechanical Engineering, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Guillermo Aguilar)
Studies of time-resolved imaging of hydrodynamic thin film erosion produced by short laser pulse-induced bubbles

Gabriela Rico, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Thomas Biolsi)
The Performance and Performativity of Indigeniety in Mexico: An Ethnography of Four P'urhepecha Cultural Performances in Michoacan

Guillermo Torres-Moye, Ecology, UC Davis
(Advisor: John Stachowicz)
A U.S.-Mexico Marine Connectivity Assesment: The sea star Patiria miniata

Matthew Van Dam, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Kipling Will)
Comparative phylogeography of dune restricted insects in the desert Southwest


Milo M. Alvarez, History, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Juan Gomez-Quinones)
On the shoulders of generations: The Brown Berets of Aztlan in the long Civil Rights Era
SCR 43

Meghan L. Andrew, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Thomas C. Patterson)
Urbanization and its discontents: The place of young urban adults and the city in multigenerational migratory patterns

Iván Arenas, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Donald S. Moore)
Oaxaca at the Crossroads: Space, future, and the modern mexican imagination

Stuyvesant GB Bearns Esteva, Sociology/College Faculty Services, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Gabriela Sandoval)
Notes that bind: Son Jarocho music as a form of resistance and community

Susannah Bielak, Visual Arts, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Ernest Silva)
Mapping memory in San Ysidro
SCR 43

Michael G. Branstetter, Entomology, UC Davis
(Advisor: Philip S. Ward)
Leaf litter ants of Mexican montane wet forests: International collaboration on a conservation priority

Xochitl C. Chavez, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Olga Nájera-Ramírez)
Migrating performative traditions: La Guelaguetza Festival

Jesse Diaz, Jr., Sociology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Ellen Reese)
Organizing the Brown Tide: La Gran Epoca Primavera 2006 in Los Angeles, an insider's story
SCR 43

Hector Estrada-Medina, Geology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Robert Graham)
Water contribution by limestone bedrock and subsurface soil pockets and its effect on the water use efficiency of two tree species in Yucatan, Mexico

Xóchitl M. Flores-Marcial, History, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Kevin Terraciano)
The Zapotec of Colonial Oaxaca: Local government and indigenous life in the Central Valley

Melisa C. Galván, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Margaret Chowning)
From contraband capital to border city: An economic and political history of the port of Matamoros, 1800-1848

Ricardo R. Gómez-Vilchis, Political Science, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Samuel Kernell)
Presidential approval in Mexico, determinants and effects, 1989-2006

Genevieve M. Gonzales, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Ananya Roy)
The making and unmaking of common sense: Undocumented Mexican youth and oppositional consciousness
SCR 43

Veronica M. Herrera, Political Science, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Ruth Berins Collier)
High reformers, low performers: Modernizing water and sanitation delivery in Mexico

Erin E. Kent, Epidemiology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Hoda Anton-Culver)
An investigation of the influence of socioeconomic factors on adolescent and young adult leukemia and lymphoma outcomes in California
SCR 43

Daniel I. Leonard, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Scott Fedick)
A regional survey of ancient Maya wetland use in Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico

Patrick C. Linder, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Michael Kearney)
The immigrant enclave and social difference in the Coachella Valley
SCR 43

Brian J. Madigan, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Margaret Chowning)
Law, justice, and morality in Colonial Mexico: Ecclesiastical and civil courts compared, 1650-1820

Nicholas P. Magnan, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis
(Advisor: J. Edward Taylor)
The role of information in the adoption and non-adoption of no-till agriculture by smallholders in Mexico: An experimental approach

Constance P. McGuire, Anthropology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Susan Greenhalgh)
Transnationalizing gangs: Expertise, advocacy and the politics of policymaking
SCR 43

Paavo H. Monkkonen, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: David E. Dowall)
Mexico's emerging suburbia: Local impacts of national housing policy

Kinga J. Novak, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Margaret Chowning)
Giving thanks: A visual history of Mexican spirituality

Jennifer J. Petersen, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
(Advisor: Daniel Potter)
From chicle to chicozapote: Mayan and mestizo management and selection of the tropical tree fruit Manilkara zapota in the Yucatan Peninsula

Maria I. Ramos, Visual Arts, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Elizabeth Newsome)
A reconstruction of ceremonial and ritual history in the Mesoamerican ballgame

Chodon Sass, Plant and Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Chelsea D. Specht)
Population genetics and biogeography of the Central American clade of Aechmea (Bromeliaceae)

Meradeth H. Snow, Anthropology, UC Davis
(Advisor: David G. Smith)
Ancient DNA in the Southwest United States and Mesoamerica

Pamela J. Stoddard, School of Public Health, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Anne Pebley)
Increasing inequality? The relationship between additional schooling and chronic health conditions in the Mexican-origin population in the United States
SCR 43

Dana Velasco-Murillo, History, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Kevin Terraciano)
Migration, urbanization, and ethnicity in a silver mining town: Zacatecas, 1550-1830

Silvia Ventura Luna, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Michael Kearney)
Community governance within a transnational context: The case of San Miguel Cuevas

Judith I. Villanueva, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Jacobo Sefami)
Exiled poets of the Southern Cone in comtemporary Mexico's cultural scene

Todd W. Wahlstrom, History, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: John Majewski)
Colonization against the Borderlands: Southern migration to Mexico after the Civil War

Christopher J. Wisniewski, History, UC San Diego
Eric Van Young, Changing habits: Franciscan adaptations in Mexico, 1763-1859


April A. Anderson, History, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Jaime Rodriguez)
Scandalous impiety: Religious practice, gender, generation, and the politics of religion in Nineteenth Century Mexico

Molly Harbour Bassett, Religious Studies, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Rudy Busto)
De(i)fying classification: The proliferation of Aztec Teteo and the challenges they pose to deity taxonomies

Raymundo M. Campos-Vazquez, Economics, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Emmanuel Saez)
Inequality in Mexico

Michael K. DeSalvo, School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
(Advisor: Monica Medina)
A genomic and physiological approach to the study of coral bleaching resistance

Ricardo A. Fagoaga Hernández, History, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Eric Van Young)
"En medio de una y otra América": Regions, markets and indigenous economic participation in Guatemala and Chiapas, 1750-1850

Lisa A. Goldman, Environmental Health Science, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Brenda Eskenazi)
The effects of U.S.-Mexico migration on childhood obesity: A binational approach

Omar G. Gudiño, Psychology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Anna S. Lau)
Exposure to violence and adjustment in immigrant and non-immigrant Latino youth

Salomé Guitérrez Morales, Linguistics, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Marianne Mithun)
Grammatical change in Sierra Popoluca: The effects of Spanish and Náhuatl

Niles J. Hasselquist, Center for Conservation Biology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Michael F. Allen)
The importance of water for seedling establishment and tree growth in a seasonally dry tropical forest in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Matthew B. Hufford, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
(Advisor: Paul Gepts)
Laying the foundation for in situ conservation of teosinte (Zea mays) ssp. Parviglumis Iltis & Doebley), the wild progenitor of maize

Chelsey A. Juarez, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Alison Galloway)
Geolocation: A pathway to identification for deceased undocumented border crossers

Julio C. Leal, Literature, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Norma Klahn)
Reclaiming Chicano/a poetics and spatiality: Central California geographies and the literary and cultural imagination

Hsiu-Chin Lin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Philip A. Hastings)
Intra-specific biodiversity of blennioid fishes within the Gulf of California: Implications for conservation

Sarah L. Lopez, Architecture, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Paul Groth)
Migrating Mexico: A material history of remittance space in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico and the Bay Area, California, U.S.A.

Victoria I. Lyall, Art History, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Cecelia Klein)
Place and landscape in terminal Classic Maya mural painting of the northern lowlands

Michael D. Mathiowetz, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Karl Taube)
Macaws, plumed serpents and the diurnal path of the sun: An ideological complex in Mesoamerica and the Greater Southwest

Anita D. Milman, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Isha Ray)
Bordering on cooperation-water use and recharge in Arizona and Sonora

Jessica L. Petersen, Animal Science, UC Davis
(Advisor: Bernie May)
Does scallop aquaculture influence the genetic structure of proximate natural populations?

Lisa Marie Pfeiffer, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis
(Advisor: J. Edward Taylor)
Sustainability, equity and growth: The role of water markets in Mexico

Lesliam Quirós, Environmental Health Science, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Brenda Eskenazi)
Characterization of exposure to organophosphate pesticides in Mexican migrant farmworker and low-income urban children

Paul F. Ramirez, History, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: William B. Taylor)
Science, medicine and miracles: Contexts of epidemic disease in the Valleys of Mexico and Oaxaca, 1736-1833

Laurel K. Salzman, Center for Conservation Biology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Michael F. Allen)
Ecophysiology of epiphyte establishment in the Yucatan Peninsula

Esperanza Sánchez, School of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Kurt C. Organista)
Food sovereignty among Mexican campesinos: Food choice in the context of migration and remittances

Rosaura Tafoya-Estrada, Sociology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Frank D. Bean)
Gendered educational incorporation experiences for third and fourth generation Mexican-Americans

Karen E. Thome, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis
(Advisor: Richard Sexton)
Contracts and crop choice: Impacts of agroindustry and changing supply chains in rural Mexico

Zeb J. Tortorici, History, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Kevin Terraciano)
Contra Natura: Sin, crime, and the regulation of 'unnatural' sexuality in Colonial Mexico, 1600-1800

Mariana Razo Wardwell, Visual Studies, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Fatimah Tobing Rony)
The enigma of Ichcateopan: A Messianic archive of the nation

María Barbara Zepeda Cortés, History, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Eric Van Young)
Empire, reform and corruption: José de Balvez and political culture in Bourbon, Mexico, 1759-1787


Jody A. Agius, Sociology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Jennifer Lee).
Brown picket fences: The Mexican-origin middle class.
SCR 43

Ana R. Alonso Minutti, Music, UC Davis
(Advisor: Beth Levy).
Internationalism in Mario Lavista's bridging of the past and future of Mexican concert music.

Christopher N. Anderson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Gregory F. Grether).
Competitor recognition and the evolution of coloration in Rubyspot Damselflies (Hetaerina spp.).

Zachary A. Brittsan, History, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Eric Van Young).
In faith or fear: Fighting with Lozada.

Gabriela Caballero-Hernández, Linguistics, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Andrew Garrett).
Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara) documentation and description.

José Castillo-Garza, Physics, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Umar Mohideen).
Precision measurements of the Casimir force at low temperature.

Veronica Castillo-Muñoz, History, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Heidi Tinsman).
Divisive communities: Agrarian struggles, transnational migration and families in Northern Mexico 1917-1952.

Virginia Chaidez, Nutrition, UC Davis
(Advisor: Lucia Kaiser).
Child-feeding practices in Latinos: An early start in obesity prevention.
SCR 43

Roberto G. Gonzalez, Sociology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Ruben G. Rumbaut).
The children of post-industrial America: How the sons and daughters of unauthorized migrants make ends meet.
SCR 43

Rebecca Hester, Politics, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Patricia Zavella).
Public health promoters: Changing practices of everyday life.
SCR 43

Kraig H. Kraft, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
(Advisor: Paul Gepts).
Early and contemporary effects of humans shaping the genetic diversity of chile pepper (Capsicum annuum): Inferring historical processes from genetic patterns.

Stephen A. Nuño, Political Science, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Louis DeSipio).
California Statewide Election Exit Poll 2006.
SCR 43

Tracey N. Osborne, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Daniel Kammen).
Fixing carbon, losing ground: Carbon markets and land politics in Chiapas, Mexico.

Lee M. Panich, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Kent G. Lightfoot).
Cultural persistence at Mission Santa Catalina, Baja California, Mexico.

S. Hoyt Peckham, Center for Ocean Health, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Donald Croll).
Foraging ecology and conservation of the critically endangered North Pacific loggerhead turtle.

Alexis E. Racelis, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Deborah Letourneau).
Plant population dynamics along a tropical forest chronosequence: Implications for the harvest of polewood in central Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Sara K. Sanders, History, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Michael Monteon).
Cocineras y compañeras: Men, women and the Mexican student movement of 1968.

Hugo Santos-Gomez, Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Juan-Vicente Palerm).
California rural communities, farmworker settlement and citizenship practices.
SCR 43

Kevin D. Schwartz, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
(Advisor: Alison Berry).
Nitrogen utilization in traditional maize varieties.

Elizabeth N. Shapiro, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Lynn Huntsinger).
The Mexican National Payment for Environmental Service Programs: Impacts on forest management practices and rural livelihoods.

Kevin P. Smith, History, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Sarah Cline).
Ecological conquest: The death of the Aztec lake system and the drying up of indigenous space in the Basin of Mexico.

Stella Villegas Amtmann, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Daniel P. Costa).
How do California and Galapagos sea lions cope with a changing environment? Implications for diving behavior, physiology, thermoregulation and conservation.

Kenneth C. Welch, Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Raul K. Suarez).
Metabolic fuel use in a hovering nectarivorous bat.


Angélica J. Afanador, Art History, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Cecelia F. Klein).
The politics of ethnicity: Reimagining indigenous identities in sixteenth-century Michoacán, México.

James Barsimantov, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Alan Richards).
Examining the role of community forestry in conserving Mexico's pine-oak forests.

Martha Bonilla-Moheno, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Karen D. Holl).
Vegetation succession in swidden agriculture in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Virginia Chaidez, Graduate Group in Nutrition, UC Davis
(Advisor: Lucia L. Kaiser).
Child-feeding practices in Mexican-Americans with a history of gestational diabetes: An early starting point in obesity prevention.
SCR 43

Francisco J. Dóñez, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Ann Keller).
Air quality and development in the Big Bend: The politics of knowledge.
SCR 43

Oscar F. Gil, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Denise Segura).
Deconstructing gender relations in forced migrant communities.
SCR 43

Gloria Gonzalez, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Vilma Ortiz).
Body image and Mexican origin girls.
SCR 43

Tina R. Green, Economics, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Edward Miguel).
The political economy of a poverty alleviation program: the case of PROGRESA in Mexico.

Xiaohui Hou, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Paul Gertler).
Can conditional cash transfers mitigate the impact of natural shocks on food consumption? Evidence from rural Mexico.

Michelle A. Johnson, School of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Julian Chow).
Perinatal health and the context of immigrant reception: does place matter?
SCR 43

Mark A. Leach, Sociology, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Frank D. Bean).
The incorporation of Mexican immigrants in new destinations within the United States.
SCR 43

Aubrey N. Manack, Environmental Health Science and Policy, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Chad Garner).
Comparison study: Can targeting antibiotic resistance education within Latino and multiethnic elementary school student-parent populations overcome cultural bias about antibiotics?
SCR 43

John E. McCormack, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Thomas B. Smith).
The Sky Islands of Northern Mexico as generators of diversity in a bird species.

Rani F. McLean, Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Juan-Vicente Palerm).
Wine country: Mexican livelihoods in a highly stratified society.
SCR 43

Imelda Nava, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Robert K. Wayne).
Systematics of Porichthys and speciation in the New World.

Alejandro Nettel-Hernanz, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: Richard S. Dodd).
Mating at the extreme, comparison of black mangrove mating system between Pacific Ocean's northern range-limit and Central American populations.

Gabriela Nuñez, Literature, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Rosaura Sánchez).
Crossing borders and investigating spaces: Contemporary Chicana/o and Mexican detective fiction.
SCR 43

Christopher Osovitz, Biological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Gretchen E. Hofmann).
Investigating the role of physiological tolerances in setting marine species' biogeographic boundaries.

Camila Pastor de Maria y Campos, Anthropology, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Sondra Hale).
Arab migrants to Mexico: Making/marking status in global postcoloniality.

Analola Santana, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Irvine
(Advisor: Juan Bruce-Novoa).
Mass culture in current Mexican theatrical trends.

Hirokazu Sasabu, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Scott L. Fedick).
Ancient Maya wetlands manipulation in the Yalahau region of Quintana Roo: A functional analysis of constructed rock-alignment features.

Amara L. Solari, History of Art and Architecture, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Jeanette F. Peterson).
Processing the ancestral past: intercultural Maya identity and Catholic ritual at early colonial Izamal, Yucatan.

Kathryn Ann Sorenson, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Scott L. Fedick).
Ancient Maya site planning principles: A case study for the preclassic/classic transition.

Jun U. Sunseri, Anthropology, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Judith Habicht-Mauche).
Ethnic scales of practice-historic archaeology of an Indo-Hispano buffer settlement in Colonial Northern New Mexico.

Molly A. Talcott, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
(Advisor: Kum-Kum Bhavnani).
Plan Puebla Panama and its alternatives: Transnational movements for sustainable development.

Hector Valdes-Conroy, Economics, UC Los Angeles
(Advisor: Duncan Thomas).
The role of attitudes toward risk in the decision to migrate.

Rodrigo Vargas, Center for Conservation Biology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Michael F. Allen).
Soil carbon dynamics in a tropical seasonal forest: From natural succession to ecological restoration.

Lance K. Wollwage, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Advisor: Scott L. Fedick).
Water level fluctuations and Maya wetland agriculture in the Northeastern Yucatan, Mexico.

John N. Williams, Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis
(Advisor: Mark Schwartz).
Tree diversity in Mexican dry forests: Do local patterns predict global ones?

Natale A. Zappia, History, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Lisbeth Haas).
The Old Spanish Trail: Indigenous trails, Mexican caravans and American commemoration.


Araceli Aguilar Melendez, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Mikeal L. Roose and Seung-Chul Kim).
Evolutionary relationships between wild and cultivated chili peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) in Mexico using a DNA sequence of low copy nuclear gene and microsatellite data.

Tania C. J. Barham, Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
(Elisabeth Sadoulet).
The impact of conditional cash transfers on infant and neonatal mortality: the case of Mexico.

Matthew A. Barreto, Political Science, UC Irvine
(Bernard Grofman).
Ethnic cues: the role of shared ethnicity in Latino political participation.
SCR 43

Mauricio Benitez-Iturbe, Political Science, UC Berkeley
(David Collier).
Federalism and interest intermediation in Mexico.

Joan M. Brunkard, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Brent M. Haddad).
Dengue fever and binational cooperation for public health on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Michele L. Buckhorn, Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis
(Steven G. Morgan).
Enhancing fishery management of leopard grouper (Mycteroperca rosacea) using life history characteristics as a basis for no-take Marine Protected Area (MPA) design in the Gulf of California.

Kimberlee J. Chambers, Geography Grad. Group, Environmental Design, UC Davis
(Stephen Brush).
Conservation of traditional varieties of maize (Zea mays L.) in the Bajío of Mexico: the role of human seed exchange networks.

Jonathan Chevrier, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley
(Brenda Eskenazi).
Prenatal exposure to thyroid hormones disrupters, maternal thyroid hormones levels during pregnancy and children's neurodevelopment in a predominantly Latino farmworker community.
SCR 43

Guadalupe Adriana Cruz Manjarrez, World Arts and Cultures, UC Los Angeles
(Colin Quigley).
Transnational identities and the performance of culture.
SCR 43

David G. Garcia, History, UC Los Angeles
(Juan Gómez-Quiñones).
The evolution of a critical race theater: Culture Clash and Chicana/o performance art, 1965-2004.
SCR 43

Claudia García-Des Lauriers, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Karl A. Taube).
Proyecto arqueológico Los Horcones.

Victor M. Gonzalez, School of Information and Computer Science, UC Irvine
(Gloria Mark).
A software framework to integrate high and low level perspectives in the management of multiple activities.

Natividad D. Herrera-Castro, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Maria L. Cruz-Torres).
Gender and social change in the coffee groves of Totonacs of Veracruz, Mexico: a political ecology approach.

Seth M. Holmes, Anthropology, History and Social Medicine, UC San Francisco
(Philippe Bourgois).
The violence continuum in transnational context: structure, symbol and health among diasporic Triqui laborers.

Owen H. Jones, History, UC Riverside
(Robert W. Patch).
The colonial Maya region, a comparative ethnohistory, 1521-1825.

Edward S. Levine, Economics, UC Riverside
(David H. Fairris).
Explaining the decline in union density in Mexico: neoliberal policy reform and the stocks and flows of union density change.

Marissa K. López, English, UC Berkeley
(Marcial Gonzalez).
Nationalism, narrative, and history: the formal case for Chicana/o literature.
SCR 43

Alejandro J. Lopez-Feldman, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis
(J. Edward Taylor).
Extraction, conservation and Development: a bioeconomic analysis of Xate palm.

Pesach Lubinsky, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Arturo Gómez-Pompa).
Natural history and economic botany of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Jacks. Ex Andrews) in Mexico.

Sebastian W. Martinez, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
(Paul J. Gertler).
The effect of government cash transfers on productive investments in rural Mexico.

Susan M. Materer, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis
(Stephen R. Boucher).
Disentangling the multiple motivations of migration: rural Mexican migration as a credit and income substitute.

Dolores D. Mena, Psychology, UC Santa Cruz
(Catherine R. Cooper).
Beyond cultural deficit view of low-income Mexican-descent families: exploring variations in high school students' and parents' aspirations and expectations, educational involvement and "college knowledge."
SCR 43

Jennifer C. Miller, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez).
The transnational political ecology of health at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Roberto E. Montenegro, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(John Heritage).
Parent expectations, Spanish-speaking doctor-parent communication, and pediatrician antibiotic over-prescribing for upper respiratory infections.
SCR 43

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Studies on the native persimmons of West Central Mexico: towards a revision of the genus Diospyros (Ebenaceae) in Mexico.

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Trophic ecology of pelagic fishes in the Gulf of California: implications for marine resource.

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Captivity and adoption among the Comanche Indians, 1700-1875. Archival research in Mexican repositories.

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Religious institutions, social services and borders: migrant and immigrant experiences in the American Midwest.

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Ecological impacts of an invasive marine invertebrate in an economically important system.
SCR 43

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Mexican mothers in higher education: negotiating family, gender ideology and ethnicity.
SCR 43

Lia T. Schraeder, History, UC Davis
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Controversial devotion in modernizing Mexico City.

Manisha B. Shah, Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
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Regulating sex work: evidence from Mexico.

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Race and national ideology in Mexico.

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Being Mexican-American from generation to generation.
SCR 43

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A comparative trans-national ecological study of Latina domestic violence: barriers to seeking services in Mexico City and Orange County, California.

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SCR 43

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Another Book on La Virgen?: Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Cultural Politics of Interpretation.
SCR 43

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Entering and Exiting Hybridity: Mesoamerican Writers and the Making of an Indigenous Literary Tradition.

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Latino Adolescents' Academic Achievement: The Roles of Family Involvement.
SCR 43

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Conquering the Frontier. Contests for Religion, Survival, and Profits in Northwestern Mexico, 1768-1835.

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Party Identification in Mexico: Meaning, Developments and Findings from a Comparative Perspective.

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Transnational Feminist Social Movements at the United Nations World Conferences.

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A Nation of Emigrants? Nation-State Building in Mexican Migrant Sending Communities.

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Ancient Maya Settlement Patterns in the Yalahau Region, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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"Mexipino": Multiethnic Identity and the Formation of the Mexican and Filipino Communities of San Diego, 1900-1965.
SCR 43

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Gene Expression Profile of Putative Pathogenicity and Virulence Factors in Xylella fastidiosa Causing Pierce's Disease.

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An Ethno-Ecological Investigation of the Sacred Sinkholes of the Maya.

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The Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico.

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Mitochondrial DNA Variation of Mexican Populations: Investigation of Human Interactions between Mesoamerica and the Southwest.

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Transnational Migration and Ecological Transformation: The impact of rapid social change on natural resource management in rural sending communities, Puebla, Mexico.

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Moving Risk: Binational Bureaucracies, Tuberculosis, and the "Foreign Born" at the United States/Mexico Border.
SCR 43

Borja Mila, Organismic Biology, Ecology and Evolution, UC Los Angeles
(Thomas B. Smith).
Evolution of Songbird Migration in the Mexican Highlands: Implications for speciation, Taxonomy and Biodiversity Conservation.
(Mildred Mathias Award Winner)

Melissa H. Morris, Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis
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Ecology and Diversity of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Oak Forests in Mexico.

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Elucidating the Mechanism of Micronuclei Formation During Cervical Carcinogenesis.

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"Too Many Foreigners For My Taste." Mexicans, Chileans and Irish in Northern California, 1848-1880.
SCR 43

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(Kaiping Peng).
Risk and Resilience: The Dual Effects of Minority Status among Mexican-Americans.
SCR 43

Gabriela Toledo-Ortiz, Plant and Microbial Biology and Plant Gene Expression Center, UC Berkeley
(Peter H. Quail).
Dissecting the Role of the PIF3-like Basic-Helix-Loop_Helix (bHLH) T61 and HLH Proteins in Phytochrome Signal Transduction in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz, Literature, UC San Diego
(Rosaura Sanchez).
The Figure of the Peladita/Peladito and the Pachuca/Pachuco in Chicana/o and Mexican Cultural Production from 1920-1980.
SCR 43

Rachel S.Washburn, Social and Behavioral Sciences, UC San Francisco
(Adele E. Clarke).
Managing Transboundary Air Pollution: An Examination of Power Plant Development Along the United States-Mexico Border.
SCR 43


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The struggle for accountability in Mexico: Explaining uneven political development.

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Topics in Yalálag Zapotec grammar, dictionary and texts.

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At what price progress: The formation of a capitalist coffee economy in Soconusco, Chiapas, 1870-1950.

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Neogene sedimentary basin development in east-central Sonora, Mexico.

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Technological change in agriculture in the Southern Yucatán Peninsula region of Mexico: Implications for land use, deforestation and climate change policy.

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Labor, ideology and the state at Teotihuacan, Mexico: A view from the Moon Pyramid.

Mathew C. Coleman, Geography, UC Los Angeles
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Free trade debordering or national security rebordering? Interrogating post-September 11 U.S. foreign policy border geographies in the US-Mexico border region.

Julia A. Cottle, Anthropology, UC Davis
(Roger Rouse).
Canning workers: Mexicanos' experiences of restructuring in California's agro-industrial sector.
SCR 43

Matthew T. Craig, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
(Philip A. Hastings).
Intra-specific biodiversity in fisheries important species: Implications for management and conservation.

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Broadening Horizons: A comparative archaeological study of Isla Cedros, Baja California and the Channel Islands of Alta California.

Fredrick J. Fodrie, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
(Lisa A.Levin).
Application and validation of a trace element approach for investigating nursery habitat utilization by the California halibut.

Shannon L. Fowler, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz
(Daniel P. Costa).
Ontogeny of diving physiology and behavior in the California sea lion.

Rita A. Gonzalez, Film, Television and Digital Media, UC Los Angeles
(Chon Noriega).
In transito: Journey, itineraries and historical turns in contemporary Mexican and Latino media art.
SCR 43

Joseph H. Green, History, UC Riverside
(Robert Patch).
Obreros, campesinos and politics during the institutional phase of the Mexican revolution: The case of Jalisco, 1929-1940.

Todd A. Haney, Organismic Biology, Ecology and Evolution, UC Los Angeles
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Systematics and ecology of leptostracan Crustacea from the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

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(Alison Brysk).
The transnational politics of democracy promotion: Election monitoring in Mexico.

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Mexican provincial society during the age of revolution: A social and economic history of Toluca, 1770-1840.

Maher Memarzadeh, History, UC Los Angeles
(Kevin Terraciano).
Medical practitioners in early colonial Mexico: The influence of Mediterranean scientific traditions on medicine in New Spain.

Guillermina Gina Nuñez, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez & María Crúz-Torres).
The political ecology of households and communities on the U.S.-Mexico border: A case-study of colonias in Southern New Mexico.
SCR 43

Francisca A. Olaiz, Anthropology, UC Los Angeles
(Carole Browner).
How Latinas' social and economic experiences and their social networks influence their constructions of sexuality and preventative health behaviors.
SCR 43

Rodolfo A. Otero, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Michael Kearney).
Espiritualismo on the U.S.-Mexican Border.
SCR 43

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(Andres Resendez).
Fashioning Mexico's soul: Identity, festival and tourism in Southern Mexico.

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(Paul Spickard).
Race and the making of Los Angeles, 1840-1930.
SCR 43

Joseph A. Turner, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UC Santa Barbara
(Tania Israel).
Cultural factors that influence Latino siblings' anticipated support of a gay male brother.
SCR 43

Eric A. Verhoogen, Economics, UC Berkeley
(David Card).
Trade liberalization, product market structure and employment practices in the Mexican manufacturing sector.

Helen A. Violi, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Carol J. Lovatt).
Identification of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for the restoration of Persea spp. to montane cloud forests in Mexico.

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(Phillip Gans).
Timing and magnitude of extensional deformation in the Sierra Mazatlan metamorphic core complex: Results from 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology.

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(Stephen Brush).
The impact of climate change on maize (Zea mays) genetic resources in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.


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(Lyndsay H. Allen).
Prevalence, Causes, Consequences and Treatments of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Mexican Elderly.

Juan A. Avila, Native American Studies, UC Davis
(Stefano Varese).
"Tu'I Voo'ota Weiya/Follow the Good Road": Yoeme (Yaqui) Transationalism during the Modernization of Mexico (1876-1910) and the Formation of Contemporary Yoeme Societies.

Nielman M. Barnes, Sociology, UC San Diego
(Steven Epstein).
Binational Collaboration between the US and Mexican HIV/AIDS Sectors: An Exploration of the (re)Construction of National, Organizational and Epistemological Boundaries.

Jennifer K. Browder, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Karl Taube).
Painting Teotihuacan Ritual and Worldview: Creating Fineline Drawings from Multispectral Images of the Portico 2 Murals at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Jose Luis Cardenas, Food Science and Technology, UC Davis
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Purification and characterization of cysteine cathepsins from Jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) mantle muscle.

Guadalupe Chapa, Environmental Health Sciences, UC Los Angeles
(John R. Froines).
Quantification of Exposure to Organophosphate Pesticides in a Mexican Agricultural Community.

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The Archaeology of Abandoned Settlement in Mexicano Colorado.

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Ecology of Trans-Gulf Neotropical Migrant Landbirds in Yucatan, Mexico During the Fall Migration.

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Integrating the environment, population and migration: modeling interactive relationships.

Travis A. Du Bry, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Juan-Vicente Palerm).
Socioeconomic Change in a Desert Farm Laborer Community.
SCR 43

Subhadra Ganguli, Economics, UC Riverside
(Prasanta Pattanaik).
"Pollution Havens" in Mexico: An Econometric Analysis of Industrial Relocation Before and After NAFTA.

Blanca E. Gordo, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley
(Manuel Castells, Karen Christensen, & AnnaLee Saxeni).
Community Economic Development in the Information Age: The Potential Role of the Community Technology Access Center in Addressing the Digital Divide.
SCR 43

Christopher D. Hulsey, Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis
(Peter C. Wainwright).
Functional evolutionary ecology of Cichlasoma minckleyi, a trophically polymorphic fish.

Juliette Levy, History, UC Los Angeles
(William Summerhill, UCLA & Eric Van Young, UCSD).
Arrested Development: Credit Markets, Networks and Economic Growth; Merida, Yucatan 1850-1895.

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The Effect of Different Reproductive Strategies on the Genetic Variation of Three Eastern Pacific Eelgrass Dependent Species.

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Information exchange in collaborative conservation efforts in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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The Maya, Medicine, and Modernization in Yucatan, Mexico.

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Los Ensayos de la extraordinaria Rosario Castellanos.

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The Political Aesthetics of Mariachi Transmission and Performance.
SCR 43

Mario L. Tinoco-Herrera, Education, UC Davis
(Patricia Gandara).
Skilled Transnational Migration: The Circuit of Mexican Researchers in the Agricultural Sciences between Mexico and the United States.
SCR 43

Olivia Treviño, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Los Angeles
(Adriana Bergero).
From "Cardenismo" to "Alemanismo": Modernization and Marginalization in the Mexican Short Story and Photography, 1930-1960.

Edward N. Wright-Rios, History, UC San Diego
(Eric Van Young).
Piety and Progress: Catholic Activism, Local Politics, and Religious Practice in Oaxaca, 1870-1930.


Narda Alcantara-Valverde, School of Social Sciences, UC Irvine
(Douglas R. White).
Kinship and Friendship Networks in Mexican Politics: Between Elite Interlocking and Faction Formation.

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(Nelson Graburn).
"Eski-Mex" Identities in Transition.

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(Allan Pred).
Borderlands Justice: Women's Leadership in the Colonias of Dona Ana County, New Mexico.

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(Ruth Berins Collier).
Shaping Democracy: Party Strategy and Political Representation in Mexico.

Karen V. Holliday, Anthropology, UC Irvine
(Leo R. Chávez).
Botanicas in Orange County: A Therapeutic or Risky Healthcare Alternative for the Latino.
SCR 43

Kathleen A. Lytle, History, UC Los Angeles
(Eric Monkkonen).
Cowboys and Mexicans: the U.S. Border Patrol and the Evolution of a 20th Century Indian War, 1924-1954.
SCR 43

Ernesto Salazar Martínez, Film and Television, UC Los Angeles
(Chon Noriega).
Latina/o film festivals and Latina/o independent film practices: An Alter-Native mode of cultural production.
SCR 43

Konane M. Martínez, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Michael Kearney).
Health Beyond Borders: Mixtec Utilization of Clinical Health Care.
SCR 43

Margarita Mauro Herrera, Agronomy and Range Science, UC Davis
(Paul Gepts).
Wild Bean Populations as a Source of Genes to Improve the Yield of Cultivated Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris).

Gabriel R. Nemogá, Human and Community Development, UC Davis
(Stephen B. Brush).
Variation of Pharmacopoeias of Immigrant People in the Tropical Forest of Calakmul.

Lina Y. Newton, Political Science, UC Irvine
(Helen Ingram).
The Success of Laws that Fail: U.S. Immigration Policy and the Social Construction of Mexican Immigration.
SCR 43

Matthew D. O'Hara, History, UC San Diego
(Eric Van Young).
Dividing the Flock: Race and Religious Symbolism in Mexico, 1740-1867.

Catha Paquette, History of Art and Architecture, UC Santa Barbara
(Ramon Favela).
Mexican Art at New York's Museum of Modern Art, 1935-1954.

Haley M. Seif, Anthropology, UC Davis
(Roger Rouse).
A "New Beginning"? The Incorporation of Mexican (Im)migrant Labor, Trade and Foreign Capital in California Legislative Politics.

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(Eric Van Young).
Root of Discord: Commoditization of Barbasco and the Mexican People, 1968-1998.

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(Herman S. Gray).
Las Tracaleras: Tejanas, Tex-Mex Music, and the (En)Gendering of Tejano Cultural Production.
SCR 43

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(Douglas E. Conklin).
Measuring the Flux of Nitrogen Uptake in Natural Phytoplankton Assemblages in a Subtropical Estuary near La Paz, Baja California Sur.

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(Rosaura Sánchez).
Immigration Prisons: Detention and Resistance in the Borderlands.
SCR 43


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(Alfredo Mirande).
Xaripus in Northern California in the Late 20th Century: A Bi-national Case Study of Migration/Immigration, Labor, Community, and Family.

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(Walter Goldfrank).
Labor Market Strategies and the Stage Migration of Mexican Migrants.

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(Arthur J. Rubel).
Culture, Class and Bodily Meaning: An Ethnographic Study of Organ Transplantation in Mexico.

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(J. Edward Taylor).
The role of markets in the management and conservation of maize land-races in Central Mexico.

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(Arnold J. Bauer).
Ailing Bodies: Towards a History of Sufferers in Mexico.

Ann Aurelia López, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Patricia Zavella).
From the Farms of West Central Mexico to California’s Corporate Agribusiness: The Social Transformation of Two Binational Farming Regions.

Martha Lopez-Forment, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
(Jere Lipps).
DNA phylogeny and biogeography of the corals Porites and Pocillopora in the Gulf of California.

Karl James Lorenzen, Anthropology, UC Riverside
(Karl Andreas Taube).
Recycling the Sacred Landscape: The Ritual Re-use of Cultural Geography among the Late Postclassic Maya.

Kara L. Nelson, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Davis
(Jeannie Darby).
The Detection, Degradation, and Inactivation of Ascaris eggs in Mexican Wastewater Stabilization Ponds.

Loretta M. O’Connor, Linguistics, UC Santa Barbara
(John W. Du Bois).
Images of figure and ground in Chontal expressions of motion and transformation.

Tanalís Padilla, History, UC San Diego
(Michael Monteón).
Continuing the Revolutionary Tradition: Campesino Struggles in Morelos, 1940-1970.

Antonio Polo, Psychology, UC Los Angeles
(Steven R. Lopez).
Mental Health Outcomes of Mexican American Youth: Socio-Cultural/Family Correlates.

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(Evelyn Nakano Glenn).
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Latino Community Formations in San Francisco, 1975-1995.

Robert Ketner Ream, Graduate School of Education, UC Santa Barbara
(Russell W. Rumberger).
On the move: Student mobility as a contributing factor in achievement stratification between Mexican-Americans and non-Latino White Americans.

Tara J. Yosso, Graduate School of Education, UC Los Angeles
(Daniel G. Solorzano).
Critical Race Theory and Visual Microaggressions: The Influence of a Critical Media Literacy Curriculum on Chicana and Chicano Community College Students.


Susan Algert, Social Sciences, UC Irvine
(Leo R. Chavez).
Adolescent Mexican American Females’ Perceptions of Pregnancy, Sexuality and Early Motherhood.

Maylei Blackwell, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz
(Sonia E. Alvarez).
Geographies of Difference: Mapping Multiple Feminist Insurgencies and Transnational Public Culture in the Americas.

Lesley Blancas, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Norman C. Ellstrand).
Characterization of Naturally Sympatric and Allopatric Populations of Teosinte with Maize: Implications for the Risk of Extinction by Hybridization.

Eric Boime, History, UC San Diego
(William Deverell).
Fluid Boundaries: Southern California, Baja California and the Conflict over the Colorado River.

Victoria Carlton, Psychiatry, UC San Francisco
(Nelson B. Freimer).
Finding a Gene for Phytosterolemia.

Tim Clary, Geography, UC Los Angeles
(C. Cindy Fan).
Mexico’s Border Industrialization Program and Its Effects on Communicable Diseases along the Northern Mexican Border.

Kanan Patel Coleman, ESE Program, School of Public Health, UC Los Angeles
(Irwin Suffet).
Disinfection Management Implications and Human Health Impacts of Trihalomethanes in a Mexico City Drinking Water Supply.

Theresa Delgadillo, English, UC Los Angeles
(Sonia Salvidar-Hull & Valerie Smith).
Revolutionary Gods: Hybrid Spirituality in Chicana and Chicano Cultural Productions.

Grace Delgado, History, UC Los Angeles
(Juan Gómez-Quiñones).
Borderland Crucible: The Implications of Chinese and Mexican Immigration for Development along the Far Western Frontier States, 1882-1942.

Virginia Escalante, Communications, UC San Diego
(Daniel C. Hallin).
Sites of Power and Communities of Difference: Latinos and the Politics of U.S. Media Production.

Sylvia Escarcega-Judge, Anthropology, UC Davis
(Carol A. Smith).
Transnational Cultural Politics: Nation-Making and Ethnicity-Making among Mixtec Migrants.

Liette Gilbert, Urban Planning, UC Los Angeles
(Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris).
Socio-Spatial Manifestations of Ethnonational Identities; A Study of Chicano and Québécois Movements in Los Angeles and Montréal.

Linda Heidenreich, History, UC San Diego
(David Gutiérrez).
History and Forgetfulness in Napa County.

Judith Huacuja Pearson, History of Art, UC Santa Barbara
(Ramón Favela).
California Chicano Collectives and the Development of a Liberatory Artistic Praxis in America.

Judith A. Kessler, Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research, UC Santa Barbara
(Richard Appelbaum).
The Global Apparel Industry and Transnational Production Networks: North American Integration and the Southern California/Mexico Connection.

Barbara Reyes, Ethnic Studies/History, UC San Diego
(Ramon Gutiérrez).
Nineteenth-Century California as Engendered Space: The Public/Private Lives of Californio Women.

Gillian Schultz, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
(Arturo Gómez-Pompa).
The Modern Pollen Rain and Flora of the El Eden Ecological Reserve, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Eduardo Serafin, Anthropology, UC Berkeley
(Margaret W. Conkey).
The Social Geography of Central Baja California, Mexico. A Landscape and Geoarchaeological Approach.

Diana L. Steller, Biology, UC Santa Cruz
(Pete T. Raimondi).
Importance of Rhodolith Beds as Shell Fish Recruitment Habitats.

Zulelma Valdez, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
(Vilma Ortiz).
What is "Ethnic" about Ethnic Entrepreneurship?: The Intersection of Ethnicity and Class in Self-Employment Opportunities.

Eric Van Dusen, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis
(J. Edward Taylor).
In Situ Conservation of Farm Level Biodiversity: The Case of the Milpa.

Irene Vasquez, History, UC Los Angeles
(James Lockhart).
Gender and Interethnic Relations in Colonial Durango: The Creation of a Multi-Ethnic Society, 1600-1750.

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