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UC MEXUS-CONACYT Special Focused Topic Competition
Climate Change Research in Mexico and California
2008 Awards

The Climate Change Research in Mexico and California competition was offered in 2008 for collaborative projects that applied research to the challenges created by climate change in Mexico and the United States, with an emphasis on California. The primary objective of the program was to provide seed funds for developing projects fostering interdisciplinary perspectives that will enhance the understanding and knowledge of the causes and consequences of climate change and that will help inform mitigation and adaptation policies and responses in Mexico and California. Seven projects were selected for a total amount of $249,680. The grant recipients are listed below, including co-principal investigators, departments, home campuses and institutions, and project titles.

Miguel A. Altieri, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley
Marta Astier, Centro de Investigaciones en Geografía Ambiental, UNAM-Campus Morelia
Julio Sánchez Escudero, Agroecología, Colegio de Postgraduados

Testing and scaling up best-bet agro-ecological practices to enhance the resiliency to climatic stress of campesino forming systems in the Mixteca Region of Mexico

Guillermo Auad, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Climate Research Division, UC San Diego
Jorge Sánchez-Sesma, Coordinación de Hidrología, Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología de Agua

Analysis of ENSO multidecadal variability (EMV) and an assessment of its possible future impacts on energy and primary sectors of the Mexican economy

Ira S. Leifer, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara
María del Rocío Chicharro Serra, Física, Laboratorio de Fluídos, UNAM

Passive acoustic observations of marine seabed bubbles

Raul P. Lejano, Planning, Policy and Design, UC Irvine
Gabriela Muñoz Meléndez, Estudios Urbanos y Medio Ambiente, COLEF

Scenario-building for CDM and AB 32 carbon trading in the California-Baja region

Lisa A. Levin and Carlos Neira, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
Jaime Färber Lorda, Ecología, CICESE
José M. Hernández Ayón and Francisco Delgadillo Hinojosa, Instituto de Investigaciones Oceanológicas, UABC

Declining oxygenation and pH of the Eastern Pacific Margin: Evaluating trends and ecosystem-level consequences for California and Mexico

Michael E. Loik, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Xanat A. Nemiga, Facultad de Geografía, UAEM

On the feasibility of a regional land cover strategy for climate change mitigation in the Mexican highlands

Philip W. Rundel, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, LA
José Luis Andrade Torres, Unidad de Recursos Naturales, CICY, A.C.

Vascular epiphytes as sensitive indicators of climate change in the dry forests of Yucatán, Mexico