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UC MEXUS Grants Programs

Special Grants Competitions:
Colorado River Delta & Upper Gulf of California

Dissertation Grants

Miriam A. Anaya, Nutrition, UC Davis (Lyndsay H. Allen, UCD). Prevalence, Causes, Consequences and Treatments of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Mexican Elderly.

Juan A. Avila, Native American Studies, UC Davis (Stefano Varese, UCD). "Tu'I Voo'ota Weiya/Follow the Good Road": Yoeme (Yaqui) Transationalism during the Modernization of Mexico (1876-1910) and the Formation of Contemporary Yoeme Societies.

Nielman M. Barnes, Sociology, UC San Diego (Steven Epstein, UCSD). Binational Collaboration between the US and Mexican HIV/AIDS Sectors: An Exploration of the (re)Construction of National, Organizational and Epistemological Boundaries.

Jennifer K. Browder, Anthropology, UC Riverside (Karl Taube, UCR). Painting Teotihuacan Ritual and Worldview: Creating Fineline Drawings from Multispectral Images of the Portico 2 Murals at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Jose Luis Cardenas, Food Science & Technology, UC Davis (Norman F. Haard, UCD). Purification and characterization of cysteine cathepsins from Jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) mantle muscle.

Guadalupe Chapa, Environmental Health Sciences, UC Los Angeles (John R. Froines, UCLA). Quantification of Exposure to Organophosphate Pesticides in a Mexican Agricultural Community.

Bonnie J. Clark, Anthropology, UC Berkeley (Laurie A. Wilkie, UCB). The Archaeology of Abandoned Settlement in Mexicano Colorado.

Jill L. Deppe, Biology, UC Riverside (John T. Rotenberry, UCR). Ecology of Trans-Gulf Neotropical Migrant Landbirds in Yucatan, Mexico During the Fall Migration.

Sheila E. Desai, Agricultural & Resource Economics, UC Davis (J. Edward Taylor & Scott Rozelle, UCD). Integrating the environment, population and migration: modeling interactive relationships.

Travis A. Du Bry, Anthropology, UC Riverside (Juan-Vicente Palerm, UCSB). Socioeconomic Change in a Desert Farm Laborer Community (SCR 43).

Subhadra Ganguli, Economics, UC Riverside (Prasanta Pattanaik, UCR). "Pollution Havens" in Mexico: An Econometric Analysis of Industrial Relocation Before and After NAFTA.

Blanca E. Gordo, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley (Manuel Castells, Karen Christensen, & AnnaLee Saxeni, UCB). Community Economic Development in the Information Age: The Potential Role of the Community Technology Access Center in Addressing the Digital Divide (SCR 43).

Christopher D. Hulsey, Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis (Peter C. Wainwright, UCD). Functional evolutionary ecology of Cichlasoma minckleyi, a trophically polymorphic fish.

Juliette Levy, History, UC Los Angeles (William Summerhill, UCLA & Eric Van Young, UCSD). Arrested Development: Credit Markets, Networks and Economic Growth; Merida, Yucatan 1850-1895.

Kristina D. Louie, Organismic Biology, UC Los Angeles (David K. Jacobs, UCLA). The Effect of Different Reproductive Strategies on the Genetic Variation of Three Eastern Pacific Eelgrass Dependent Species.

Nicole D. Peterson, Anthropology, UC San Diego (Roy D'Andrade & Joel Robbins, UCSD). Information exchange in collaborative conservation efforts in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Alexandra M. Puerto, History, UC Davis (Andrés Reséndez, UCD). The Maya, Medicine, and Modernization in Yucatan, Mexico.

Andrea H. Reyes, Chicano Studies, UC Los Angeles (Guillermo Hernandez). Los Ensayos de la extraordinaria Rosario Castellanos.

Russell C. Rodriguez, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz (Olga Nájera Ramírez) The Political Aesthetics of Mariachi Transmission and Performance (SCR 43).

Mario L. Tinoco-Herrera, Education, UC Davis (Patricia Gandara, UCD). Skilled Transnational Migration: The Circuit of Mexican Researchers in the Agricultural Sciences between Mexico and the United States (SCR 43).

Olivia Treviño, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Los Angeles (Adriana Bergero, UCLA). From "Cardenismo" to "Alemanismo": Modernization and Marginalization in the Mexican Short Story and Photography, 1930-1960.

Edward N. Wright-Rios, History, UC San Diego (Eric Van Young, UCSD). Piety and Progress: Catholic Activism, Local Politics, and Religious Practice in Oaxaca, 1870-1930.


Faculty Grants

Mario Barrera, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley. The Pied Piper of Saipan (SCR 43).

Giacomo Bernardi, Egology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz. Population genetics of a Baja California Sur endemic desert fish, the San Ignacio killifish Fundulus lima.

Antonio Cortijo, Spanish & Portuguese, UC Santa Barbara. California History: The California "Family" Archives (1800-1850) (SCR 43).

Anne K. Driscoll, Human & Community Development, UC Davis. Assisting Mexican American Teen Parents in California (SCR 43).

Carl Gutiérrez-Jones, Center for Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara. Rebellious Reading: The Dynamics of Chicana/o Cultural Literacy Conference (SCR 43).

E. Mark Hanson, School of Education, UC Riverside. Maquiladoras and Educational Decentralization in Mexico.

Jorge M. Liderman, Music, UC Berkeley. Piano Quartet (new composition for piano and string quartet).

Isabel P. Montañez, Geology, UC Davis. Understanding Abrupt Climatic Disruption in the Cretaceous Period.

Ricardo F. Muñoz, Psychiatry, UC San Francisco. Launching a Longitudinal Study of Latinas and their Babies (SCR 43).

Charles Leo Ortiz, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz. Cooperative Research and Training on the Biology of the Gulf of California, CIAD, and the University of California, Santa Cruz. (Mildred Mathias Award Winner)

Peter T. Raimondi, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz. Effects of rat eradication on the intertidal ecology of Isla San Jorge.

Peter H. Robinson, Animal Science, UC Davis. Effect of a cooling system of dairy cattle under heat stress during the dry period oon postpartum performance.

Henry Snyder, Center for Bibliographic Studies & Research, UC Riverside. The Creation of a Mexican Union Catalog and Bibliography Imprints to 1850.

Abel Valenzuela, Jr., Center for the Study of Urban Poverty-ISSR, UC Los Angeles. Planes, Trains, or Camionetas (little Buses)?: Informal Travel Among Latina/o Immigrants (SCR 43).

José L. Valenzuela, Theatre, UC Los Angeles. Chicano Theatre Festival 2002 (SCR 43).

Omar S. Valerio-Jimenez, History, UC Irvine. Coming from the Americas: Latino History in the Public Schools (SCR 43).


Small Grants

Michael Barbour, Environmental Horticulture, UC Davis. Vegetation of Relictual Monterey Pine Stands in Mexico.

Nancy Beckage, Entomology, UC Riverside. Host-Parasite Relationships in the Mediterranean Fruitfly, Ceratitis capita.

Fred L. Block, Sociology, UC Davis. Travel for Professor Larissa Lomnitz to April Conference at UCD on Karl Polanyi and Globalization.

Juan Bruce-Novoa, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Irvine. Mexican Cultural Production of the Mid-Twentieth Century.

Michael T. Clegg, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside. Molecular Variation in the Avocado, Persea americana Mill. (Lauraceae).

Douglas Conklin, Animal Science, UC Davis. Coordinating Collaborative Research Efforts in Marine Fish Cultivation with CIBNOR Investigators.

Eduardo de Jesús Douglas, History of Art, UC Riverside. UCR-UAEM Planning Meeting in Cuernavaca.

Robert W. Fairlie, Economics, UC Santa Cruz . Latino Flight from Public Schools into Private Schools. (SCR 43)

Scott L. Fedick, Anthropology, UC Riverside. A Contribution to the Ceramics Research Laboratory of Centro INAH Yucatán, Mérida, Mexico.

Phillip B. Gans, Geological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara. Geologic Reconnaissance of a Transect Across Southern Sonora and Strategic Planning for a Major New U.S.-Mexico Collaborative Research Initiative.

Arturo Gómez-Pompa, Botany & Plant Sciences, UC Riverside. Use and Application of Systematics and Computerized Tools in Biodiversity Studies.

Lisbeth M. Haas, History, UC Santa Cruz . Native Histories of Colonial and Mexican California. (SCR 43)

Inés Hernández-Avila, Native American Studies, UC Davis. Theater of Struggle and Triumph: FOMMA/A Mayan Women’s Center in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.

Inés Hernández-Avila, Native American Studies, UC Davis. Mayan Women Playwrights/Activists in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas: The Video-Documentary.

Seymour Levine, Psychiatry, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis. The Development of Adrenocortical Circadian Rhythms and the Glucocorticoid Response to Feeding in Neonatal Rabbits.

Carol J. Lovatt, Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside. Collection of germplasm of wild varieties of Persea americana for studying the importance of arbuscular mycorrhizae for the growth and establishment of domestic and wild varieties.

Carlos Morton, Theatre, UC Riverside (SCR 43). JOHNNY TENORIO: A Chicano Play in Morelos.

Mary I. O'Connor, Inst. for Social, Behavioral & Economic Research, UC Santa Barbara. The Role of Conversion to Evangelical Protestantism in the Development of Transnational Communities among Mixteco Indians.

Jacobo Sefamí, Spanish & Portuguese, UC Irvine. ‘Postcolonialism and Subalternity’ - Criticism and Art in Mexico.

Henry Snyder, Center for Bibliographical Studies & Research, UC Riverside. Planning for a database of Mexican imprints to 1850.

Raymond L. Williams, Hispanic Studies, UC Riverside. Culture and Society in Mexican and Chicano Fiction: Lecture Series. (SCR 43)



Edith B. Allen, Botany & Plant Sciences, UC Riverside; Diego R. Pérez Salicrup, Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Enhancing forest succession in a seasonally dry tropical forest in the Northern Yucatan Peninsula, México/Facilitación de la sucesión en un bosque tropical estacionalmente seco en el de la Península de Yucatán.

Michael F. Allen, Conservation Biology, UC Riverside; María del Rocio Ruenes Morales, Manejo y Conservación de Recursos Naturales Tropicales, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Water dynamics and management during the establishment of tree species in agroforestry systems of the Yucatan dry tropics/Dinámica y manejo del agua durante el establecimiento de especies arbóreas en sistemas agroforestales bajo condiciones de trópico seco.

Susan Leslie Anderson, Bodega Marine Lab, UC Davis; José Luis Ochoa, Patología Marina, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste. Shrimp susceptibility to sunlight UV-B radiation/Susceptibilidad a la radiación UV-B solar del camarón.

John Bowman, Plant Biology, UC Davis; Elena Alvarez-Buylla, Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.From molecular genetics of flower development to consevation of tropical rain forests: evolutionary scenario for the origin of the unique homeotic flower of Lacandonia schismatica in the Mayan rain forest of Chiapas/De la genética molecular del desarrollo floral a la conservación de las selvas tropicales: escenario evolutivo para el origen de la flor homeótica única de Lacandonia schismatica en la selva maya de Chiapas.

Kent J. Bradford, Vegetable Crops, UC Davis; Jorge M. Vázquez Ramos, Facultad de Bioquímica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Cell cycle events during seed germination and priming: Relationship to improved germination performance and to seed longevity/Eventos del ciclo celular durante la germinación y el acondicionamiento de semillas: Relación con la mejoría en la capacidad germinativa y con la longevidad de semilla.

Kenneth L. Cameron, Earth Sciences, UC Santa Cruz; Bodo Weber, Geología, CICESE.
Formation and Evolution of the Chiapas Massif, SE Mexico: U/Pb and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology on basement rocks/Formación y evolución del Macizo de Chiapas, SE de México: Geocronología por U/Pb y 40Ar/39Ar en rocas del basamento.

Anthony J. Cornel, Entomology, UC Davis; Rodrígo Rosario Cruz, Artropodología, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones en Parasitología Veterinaria, INIFAP-SAGARPA. Preliminary Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Esterase Genes from the Cattle Tick Boophilus microplus/Caracterización preliminar molecular y bioquímica de genes de esterasas de la garrapata del Boophilus microplus.

Donald A. Croll, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz; Felipe Galván-Magaña, Pesquerías y Biología Marina, CICIMAR-IPN. The Foraging Ecology and Conservation of Manta Rays in the Gulf of California/Ecología trófica y conservación de las mantas en el Golfo de California.

Steve Cummings, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, UC San Francisco; Patricia Clark, Unidad de Epidemiología Clínica, Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social. Osteoporosis and fractures in Mexico City/Osteoporosis y sus fracturas en el área metropolitana de México.

Alain de Janvry, Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley; Alejandro Guevara, Economía, Universidad Iberoamericana. The Ejido Sector and Environmental Conservation in Mexico: Toward a "Green Ejido"/El sector ejidal y la conservación ambiental en México: hacia un "ejido verde".

David A. Eastmond, Cell Biology & Neuroscience, UC Riverside; Maria E. Gonsebatt, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. The Application of Molecular Cytogenetic Techniques to Improve the Detection of Cervical Cancer/El uso de técnicas citogenéticas moleculares para mejorar la detección de cáncer del cérvix.

Osman Galal, Community Health Sciences, UC Los Angeles; Eduardo Lazcano Ponce, Epidemiología, Centro de Investigaciones en Salud Poblacional, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública. Similarities of lifestyle characteristics among adolescents. An international comparative study between Egypt and Mexico, focusing in the nutritional profile/ Caractericación de los estilos de vida de los adolescentes. Un estudio de comparación entre adolescentes Egipcios y Mexicanos con énfasis en el ámbito nutricional.

Phillip Gans, Geological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara; Jaime Roldán-Quintana, Instituto de Geología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - Estación Regional del Noroeste. Structural and Volcanic Evolution of southern Sonora/Evolución estructural y volcánico de el sur de Sonora.

Paul Gepts, Agronomy and Range Science, UC Davis; Patricia Colunga García Marín, Unidad de Recursos Naturales, Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán. Infraspecific diversity of Phaseolus lunatus L. and intensification of traditional agriculture in the Peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico/Diversidad infraespecífica de Phaseolus lumatus L. é intensificación de la agricultura tradicional en la península de Yucatán, México.

Sarjeet S. Gill, Cell Biology & Neuroscience, UC Riverside; Alejandra Bravo, Microbiología Molecular, Instituto de Biotecnología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Structural and functional analysis of insecticidal toxins of Bacillus thuringiensis for biological control of mosquito species important in human diseases transmission/Análisis estructural y funcional de las toxinas insecticidas de Bacillus thuringiensis para el control biológico de especies de mosquitos importantes en la transmisión de enfermedades infecciosas en humanos.

Arturo Hernandez, Psychology, UC Santa Barbara; Alejandra Auza, Facultad de Lenguas y Letras, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. Acquisition of Spanish morphology in Mexico and the United States/Adquisición morfológica del Español en México y Estados Unidos.

William R. Horwath, Land, Air & Water Resources, UC Davis; Armando Gómez-Guerrero, Especialidad Forestal, IRENAT, Colegio de Postgraduados. 13C and 15N Natural Abundance in Enriched Forests of the Valley of Mexico/Abundancia natural de 13C y 15N en bosques del Valle de México con elevadas importaciones de nitrógeno.

Lucia L. Kaiser, Nutrition, UC Davis; Enriqueta Valdez, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Guadalajara, Centro Universitario del Sur. Development of a measurement tool to assess food insecurity in communities located in the Sierra de Manantlan Biosphere Reserve/Desarrollo de un instrumento de medición para diagnosticar inseguridad alimentaria en comunidades localizadas en la Reserva de la Biósfera Sierra de Manantlán.

Harry Kaya, Nematology, UC Davis; Ignacio Armendáriz, Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria & Zootécnia, Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas. Integrated control of the horn fly, Haematobia irritans/Control integrado de la mosca del cuerno, Hematobia irritans.

Michael Kearney, Anthropology, UC Riverside; Federico Besserer, Antropología, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Iztapalapa. Municipal Governance in Transnational Content/Gobiernos municipales en el contexto transnacional.

Jess Kraus, Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center, UC Los Angeles; Roberto Castro, Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Social Factors Associated with Men´s Violence towards Women in Mexico/Factores sociales asociados a la violencia masculina contra las mujeres en México.

Manuel Lagunas Solar, Crocker Nuclear Laboratory, UC Davis; Corina Solís Rosales, Instituto de Física, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Trace element analysis of foods using X-Ray emission development of new analytical methodologies/Análisis de elementos traza de alimentos mediante emisión de rayos X. Desarrollo de nuevos métodos analíticos.

Jay A. Levy, Medicine, UC San Francisco; Gustavo Reyes Terán, Unit of Infectious Diseases for Immunocompromised Patients, Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias. Effect of short-term highly active antiretroviral therapy on the anti-HIV activity of noncytotoxic CD8+T-lymphocytes in both lymphoid tissue and peripheral blood of HIV-infected individuals in the intermediate and late stages of HIV disease: a pilot study/Efecto a corto plazo del tratamiento anti-VIH altamente activo sobre la actividad anti-VIH no citotóxica de células T CD8+ en tejidos linfoides y sangre periférica de individuos infectados con VIH en etapas intermedia y tardía de la enfermedad: Piloto.

Joanna McKittrick, Mechanics & Aerospace Engineering, UC San Diego; Gustavo A. Hirata, Centro de Ciencias de la Materia Condensada, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. White Emitting Phosphors for Solid State Lighting/Materiales luminiscentes de luz blanca para lámparas de estado sólido.

Park S. Nobel, Organismic Biology, Ecology, & Evolution, UC Los Angeles; Jose Luis Andrade, Unidad de Recursos Naturales, Centro de Investigación Científica deYucatán, A.C. Productivity and optimal environmental conditions for endangered and endemic cacti on the Yucatan peninsula/Condiciones ambientales óptimas para la productividad de cactáceas amenazadas y endémicas en la península de Yucatán.

James L. Patton, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley; Sergio Ticul Alvarez Castañeda, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste, S.C. Biogeography and Systematics of Pocket Gophers (genus Thomomys) of the Baja California Peninsula/Biogeografía y sistemática de las tuzas (Género Thomomys) de la península de Baja California.

Donald A. Phillips, Agronomy & Range Science, UC Davis; Otto Geiger, Centro de Investigación sobre Fijación de Nitrógeno, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Defining How Nitrogenous Plant Root Exudates Affect Symbiotic Bacteria/Estudio del efecto de los compuestos nitrogenados de los exudados radiculares de las plantas en las bacterias simbióticas.

Virginia S. Popper, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UC Los Angeles; Luis Gerardo Morett Alatorre, Museo Nacional de Agricultura, Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo. The Origin and Evolution of Chinampa Agriculture, Basin of Mexico/El origen y desarrollo de la agricultura chinampera, Cuenca de México.

Jeffrey H. Price, Bioengineering, UC San Diego; Miguel Bravo-Zanoguera, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. Automatic Determination of the Focal Planes for High Speed Cell Manipulation/Determinación automática de los planos focales para manipulación de células a velocidad altas.

Sharon L. Reed, Pathology, School of Medicine, UC San Diego; Cecilia Ximénez, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Mucosal Immunity to Amebiasis/Immunidad secretora contra la amibiasis.

Justin Revenaugh, Earth Sciences, UC Santa Cruz; Sergio Chávez-Pérez, Exploración y Producción, Instituto Mexicano de Petroleo. Diffraction tomography of crust and upper-mantle structure from earthquake data/Tomografía de difracción de estructura de corteza y manto superior a partir de datos de terremotos.

Nikolai F. Rulkov, Insitute for Nonlinear Science, UC San Diego; Valentin S. Afraimovich, Instituto de Investigación en Comunicación Optica, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí. Research and Development of Theoretical Framework for Chaos Synchronization and its Applications/Investigación y desarrollo de un marco teórico para la sinchronización caótica y sus aplicaciones.

Neal L. Schiller, Biomedical Sciences, UC Riverside; Yolanda López Vidal, Microbiología y Parasitología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Characterization of beta-lactam resistant mechanisms in Helicobacter pylori/Caracterización del mecanismo de resistencia de Helicobacter pylori para el grupo de beta-lactamico.

Daniel Schlenk, Environmental Sciences, UC Riverside; Jaqueline García-Hernández, Aseguramiento de calidad y aprovechamiento de recursos naturales, Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarollo – Unidad Guaymas. Effects of contaminants present in the colorado river delta on nest success of yuma clapper rails (Rallus longirostris yumanensis) and burrowing owls (Speotyto cunicularia)/Efectos de los contaminantes presentes en el delta del Río Colorado en el éxito de anidación del palmoteador de Yuma (Rallus longirostris yumanesis) y la lechuza llanera (Speotyto cunicularia). (George E. Brown, Jr. Award Winner)

Imke Schroeder, Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics, UC Los Angeles; Jaime García-Mena, Genética y Biología Molecular, CINVESTAV-IPN. Identification of the protein domains of Polynucleotide Phosphorylase necessary for the interaction with Ribonuclease E./Identificación de los dominios de la Polinucleótido Fosforilasa necesarios para la interacción con la Ribonucleasa E.

Paul C. Silva, University Herbarium, UC Berkeley; Francisco F. Pedroche, Hidrobiología, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana –Iztapalapa. Morphotaxonomic and molecular studies in Codium (Chlorophyta) from the Atlantic coast of Mexico/Estudios morphotaxonómicos y moleculares en el alga marina verde Codium de la costa atlántica de México.

Donald Smith, Environmental Toxicology, UC Santa Cruz; Mauricio Hernández Avila, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública – Centro de Investigaciones en Salud Poblacional.Bone Lead Contribution to Blood in Children determined using Stable Lead Isotopes/El esqueleto como fuente endógena de plomo en niños determinada a través de la técnica de isotopos de plomo.

J. Edward Taylor, Agriculture & Resource Economics, UC Davis; Antonio Yúnez-Naude, Centro de Estudios Económicos, El Colegio de México. Migration and the Reshaping of Mexico's Rural Economies: A Survey and Analysis/La migración y la reconfiguración de las economías rurales de México: una encuesta y análisis.

Norman Terry, Plant and Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley; Rafael Moreno-Sánchez, Bioquímica, Instituto Nacional de Cardiología. Mechanisms of Heavy Metal Sequestration and Resistance in Microalgae/Mecanismos de resistencia y acumulación de metales pesados en microalgas.

Julio L. Vergara, Physiology, School of Medicine, UC Los Angeles; Jorge A. Sánchez, Farmacología, CINVESTAV – IPN. Excitation-Contraction coupling in a Mouse Mutant for the K Channel Kv3.1/Acople excitación-contracción en un mutante de raton del canal de K, Kv3.1.

Luis P. Villarreal, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, UC Irvine; Hugo A. Barrera, Bioquímica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon. European and Asian American variants of HPV 16 in Latin-American women and their implication in Notch and HDACl pathways in cervical cancer/Las variantes Europea y Asiático Americana del HPV 16 en mujeres Latinoamericanas y su implicación en las rutas Notch y HDAC1 en el cáncer cérvico-uterino.

Bryan C. Weare, Land, Air & Water Resources, UC Davis; Rene Lobato Sánchez, Hidrología, Instituto Méxicano de Tecnología del Agua. Storm formation in NW Mexico and SW United States and Its interaction with land-surface processes/Formación de tormentas en el noroeste de México y sudoeste de Estados Unidos y su interacción con procesos de superficie.

Stephen G. Weller, Ecology & Evol. Biology, UC Irvine; César A. Domínguez, Ecología Evolutiva, Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. The evolution of heterostylous breeding systems in populations of Oxalis alpina in southwestern United States and northern Mexico/La evolución de los sistemas de reproducción heterostílicos en poblaciones de Oxalis alpina en el suroeste de los Estados Unidos y el norte de México.

John R. Whitaker, Food Science & Technology, UC Davis; Abel Moreno-Cárcamo, Bioquímica, Instituto de Química, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Roles of polypheno oxidase and calcium oxalate in grapes for protection against insects and microorganisms. Applications to enzymatic browning and biomineralization phenomena/El papel de la polifeno oxidasa y el oxalato de calcio en uvas en la protección contra insectos y mocroorganismos. Aplicaciones al obscurecimiento enzimático y fenómenos de biomineralización.

Francisco Zaera, Chemistry, UC Riverside; Sergio Fuentes Moyado, Centro de Ciencias de la Materia Condensada, CICESE-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Kinetic Studies of Environmental Catalytic Processes/Estudios cinéticos de procesos catalíticos ambientales.

Patricia Zavella, Chicano/Latino Research Center, UC Santa Cruz; Martha Judith Sánchez, Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Gender, Ethnicity and Migration: Indigenous and Non-indigenous Women's Arrival Stories in the Northern Part of the State of California/Género, etnicidad y migración: historias de llegada de mujeres indígenas y no indígenas en el norte del estado de California.

Jeffrey I. Zink, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UC Los Angeles; Jorge García Macedo, Instituto de Física, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Photoconductivity and Nonlinear Optical of Mesoporous Films/Fotoconductividad y óptica no lineal en películas mesoporosas.


Special Grants Competitions


This special grants competition was offered for collaborative projects in all academic and research fields that engage and enhance the use of advanced network services provided by Internet2. The recent Internet2 connection established at UC San Diego links UC campuses connected to CalREN2 with Mexican universities and research centers connected to the CUDI network. This advancement opens up new and unique possibilities for scientists, scholars, and teachers on both sides of the border to work together. In response, UC MEXUS and CONACYT seek to advance the development of new network-based applications in both California and Mexico and to encourage additional avenues for binational cooperation in research, technology, and education. Specifically, the primary objective of this program is to foster new collaborative initiatives that will make use of advanced network services in research and education and/or use these services for binational instructional development, strengthening academic and research capabilities, graduate student or technical training, and public service and education projects that apply research to public issues. Nine projects were approved for funding for a total amount of $355,115. The grant recipients are below, including co-principal investigators, departments, home campuses and institutions, and project titles.

Miguel A. Altieri, ESPM Insect Biology, UC Berkeley; Juan Jimenez-Osornio, Veterinaria y Zootécnica, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. A Pilot Internet Based Distance Learning Course on Agroecology, Involving Students of Five Mexican Agricultural Universities.

Wayne A. Cornelius, Political Science, UC San Diego; Jorge E. Preciado Velasco, Telemática, CICESE. Virtual Collaboration in the Californias.

Richard P. Duran, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UC Santa Barbara; Rosa G. Montes, Ciencias Sociales, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. The MexLinks Consortium for Technology Access and Educational Advancement: Applying Internet2.

Isaac D. Scherson, Information and Computer Science, UC Irvine; Andrei Tchernykh, Computación, CICESE. Client-Server Discrete Event Simulation Over Very Large Communication Networks (Internet2).

R. Paul Singh, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis; Jorge Welti, Ingeniería Química y Alimentos, Universidad de las Americas – Puebla. Internet-Assisted Remote Experiments in Teaching Food and Biochemical Engineering.

Allen Van Gelder, Computer Science, UC Santa Cruz; José Torres Jiménez, Computación, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Morelos. Parallel Algorithms for Solving Propositional Satisfiability Using the High Bandwidth of Internet2.

Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Information and Computer Science, UC Irvine; Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Computación, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. MIRO: Adaptive Middleware for a Mobile Internet Robot.

Luis Villarreal, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, UC Irvine; Hugo A. Barrera-Saldaña, Centro de Biotecnología Genómica. Bioinformatics Network for Education and Research.

Paul K. Wright, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley; Arturo Molina, Integrated Manufacturing Systems Research Center, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. A Collaborative Engineering Environment for Global Integrated Product Development.


Colorado River Delta & Upper California

This special grants competition was offered in 2001 to support binational collaborative research applied to issues of transboundary water resources in the Colorado River Delta and Upper Gulf of California. A second but equal objective is to foster and strengthen the linkages among research and academic institutions in the United States and Mexico in terms of research, education, and training. A total of 9 projects were approved for over $271,000. The grant recipients are listed below, including co-principal investigators, departments, home campuses and institutions, and project titles. Ultimately, the program strives to create a binational network of researchers and institutions that can address water issues and related topics that affect the U.S.-Mexico/Colorado River border region.

Jay Barlow, Marine Life Research Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego; Horacio de la Cueva Salcedo, Ecología, CICESE. Habitat Use of the Vaquita (Phocoena sinus): An Acoustic Approach.

Tommy D. Dickey & Grace Chang, Geography, UC Santa Barbara; Luis G. Alvarez Sánchez, Oceanografía, CICESE. Suspended Sediment Concentration and Fluxes in the Tidal Flats of the Upper Gulf of California.

John A. Dracup, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley; Silvia E. Ibarra-Obando, Ecología, CICESE. The Effects of Hydrologic Variability on the Ecology, Hydrology and Geomorphology of the River Delta.

Milton S. Love, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara; Oscar Sosa-Nishizaki, Ecología, CICESE. Elasmobranchs Fisheries Biology in the Upper Gulf of California.

Leal A.K. Mertes, Geography, UC Santa Barbara; Alejandro Hinojosa Corona, Geología, CICESE. The Flood Plains of the Colorado River Delta Seen from Remote Sensing Perspective and Its Relation to the Water Flow Crossing the United States-Mexico Border.

Enric Sala, Center for Marine Biodiversity, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego; Luis E. Calderon-Aguilera, Ecología, CICESE. Ecosystem-based Conservation and Resource Management of the Upper Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta: A Mass Balance Approach.

Richard L. Snyder, Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis; Jesus S. Ruiz, Ciencias Agrícolas, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. Extension of CIMIS to Baja California to Improve Irrigation Efficiency.

Drew M. Talley, Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis; Eric Mellink, Ecología, CICESE. Trophic Structure of the Food Web Supporting Birds Nesting on Isla Montague, Delta of the Río Colorado.

Libe Washburn, Geography, UC Santa Barbara; Miguel F. Lavin, Oceanografía Física, CICESE. Circulation and Dispersion in the Upper Gulf of California.