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UC MEXUS Grants Programs

Dissertation Grants

Susan Algert - Social Sciences, Irvine (Leo R. Chavez). Adolescent Mexican American Females’ Perceptions of Pregnancy, Sexuality and Early Motherhood.

Maylei Blackwell - History of Consciousness, Santa Cruz (Sonia E. Alvarez). Geographies of Difference: Mapping Multiple Feminist Insurgencies and Transnational Public Culture in the Americas.

Lesley Blancas - Botany and Plant Sciences, Riverside (Norman C. Ellstrand). Characterization of Naturally Sympatric and Allopatric Populations of Teosinte with Maize: Implications for the Risk of Extinction by Hybridization.

Eric Boime - History, San Diego (William Deverell). Fluid Boundaries: Southern California, Baja California and the Conflict over the Colorado River.

Victoria Carlton - Psychiatry, San Francisco (Nelson B. Freimer). Finding a Gene for Phytosterolemia.

Tim Clary - Geography, Los Angeles (C. Cindy Fan). Mexico’s Border Industrialization Program and Its Effects on Communicable Diseases along the Northern Mexican Border.

Kanan Patel Coleman - ESE Program, School of Public Health, Los Angeles (Irwin Suffet). Disinfection Management Implications and Human Health Impacts of Trihalomethanes in a Mexico City Drinking Water Supply.

Theresa Delgadillo - English, Los Angeles (Sonia Salvidar-Hull, Valerie Smith). Revolutionary Gods: Hybrid Spirituality in Chicana and Chicano Cultural Productions.

Grace Delgado - History, Los Angeles (Juan Gómez-Quiñones). Borderland Crucible: The Implications of Chinese and Mexican Immigration for Development along the Far Western Frontier States, 1882-1942.

Virginia Escalante - Communications, San Diego (Daniel C. Hallin). Sites of Power and Communities of Difference: Latinos and the Politics of U.S. Media Production.

Sylvia Escarcega-Judge - Anthropology, Davis (Carol A. Smith). Transnational Cultural Politics: Nation-Making and Ethnicity-Making among Mixtec Migrants.

Liette Gilbert - Urban Planning, Los Angeles (Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris). Socio-Spatial Manifestations of Ethnonational Identities; A Study of Chicano and Québécois Movements in Los Angeles and Montréal.

Linda Heidenreich - History, San Diego (David Gutiérrez). History and Forgetfulness in Napa County.

Judith Huacuja Pearson - History of Art, Santa Barbara (Ramón Favela). California Chicano Collectives and the Development of a Liberatory Artistic Praxis in America.

Judith A. Kessler - Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research, Santa Barbara (Richard Appelbaum). The Global Apparel Industry and Transnational Production Networks: North American Integration and the Southern California/Mexico Connection.

Barbara Reyes - Ethnic Studies/History, San Diego (Ramon Gutiérrez). Nineteenth-Century California as Engendered Space: The Public/Private Lives of Californio Women.

Gillian Schultz - Botany and Plant Sciences, Riverside (Arturo Gómez-Pompa). The Modern Pollen Rain and Flora of the El Eden Ecological Reserve, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Eduardo Serafin - Anthropology, Berkeley (Margaret W. Conkey). The Social Geography of Central Baja California, Mexico. A Landscape and Geoarchaeological Approach.

Diana L. Steller - Biology, Santa Cruz (Pete T. Raimondi). Importance of Rhodolith Beds as Shell Fish Recruitment Habitats.

Zulelma Valdez - Sociology, Los Angeles (Vilma Ortiz). What is "Ethnic" about Ethnic Entrepreneurship?: The Intersection of Ethnicity and Class in Self-Employment Opportunities.

Eric Van Dusen - Agricultural and Resource Economics, Davis (J. Edward Taylor). In Situ Conservation of Farm Level Biodiversity: The Case of the Milpa.

Irene Vasquez - History, Los Angeles (James Lockhart). Gender and Interethnic Relations in Colonial Durango: The Creation of a Multi-Ethnic Society, 1600-1750.


Faculty Grants

Gary J. Axen - Earth and Space Sciences, Los Angeles (Laurence C. Smith, Marty Grove, Los Angeles). Low Angle Faults in the Border Region: Are They Active and What Were Their Roles in Evolution of the Salton Trough and Northern Gulf of California.

Giacomo Bernardi - Biology, Earth & Marine Sciences, Santa Cruz (Lloyd T. Findley, CIAD, Unidad Guaymas). Genetic Diversity of the Sea of Cortez Fishes and the Origin of Disjunct Populations.

Richard S. Criddle - Molecular and Cellular Biology, Davis (Alfonso Gardea Béjar, Jaime J. Martínez Téllez, César Rivera Figueroa, CIAD, Cuauhtémoc). Metabolic-Based Selection of Superior Growing Trees with High Economic Value Matched to Growth Climates in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Jonathan Fox - Latin American & Latino Studies, Santa Cruz (David Brooks, La Jornada; Gaspar Rivera, Roberto Sánchez, Santa Cruz). Lessons from Mexico-U.S. Bi-National Civil Society Coalitions.

Elena Fuentes-Afflick - Pediatrics, San Francisco General Hospital, UC San Francisco. Adolescent Pregnancy among Mexican-Origin Latina Women in California.

Alicia Gaspar de Alba - Cesar Chavez Center for Chicana/o Studies, Los Angeles. Place and Identity in the Construction of Chicana Aesthetics.

Lucia Kaiser - Nutrition, Davis (Amy Block Joy, Davis; Kimberly Stumph, UC Cooperative Extension, San Joaquin; Nancy Feldman, UC Cooperative Extension, Stanislaus). Influence of Health Beliefs on Diabetes Screening and Dietary Change among Latinos.

Charles S. Lewis - Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Los Angeles (Octavio Vallejo, Thomas Donohoe, Los Angeles; Indiana Torres Escobar, Grupo Poblano de Trabajo en VIH/SIDA). HIV Infection and AIDS Educational Training for Health Care Providers in Puebla, Mexico.

Phillip Martin - Agricultural and Resource Economics, Davis (Agustín Escobar Latapí, CIESAS Occidente). Mexico-U.S. Migration: Long and Short Term Demography and Economic Factors Motivating Migration.

Mark Matsumoto - Engineering, Riverside. Measurement and Technology Transfer of an Economical Method to Measure Nitric Acid and Particulate Nitrate in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area.

Ricardo Muñoz - Psychiatry, San Francisco General Hospital, UC San Francisco (Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, California State University at Fresno; Huynh-Nhu Le, San Francisco). Reliability of the Spanish/English WHO CIDI in a Clinical Population.

Chon Noriega - Film and Television, Los Angeles. Chicano Cinema Recovery Project: Efraín Gutiérrez’s Please, Don’t Bury Me Alive (1976).

J.A. Stamps - Evolution and Ecology, Davis (Hugh Drummond, UNAM; Claire Doutrelant, Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive). Proximate Bases of Habitat Selection in a Colonial Seabird.


Small Grants

Giacomo Bernardi - Biology, Santa Cruz. Baja California Biogeography and the Genetic Variability of Disjunct Fish Populations.

Julianne Burton-Carvajal - Literature, Santa Cruz. Passing Glances: Urban Landscapes (Photography by Ricardo Garibay Ruiz).

Antonio Cortijo Ocaña - Spanish and Portuguese, Santa Barbara. Mauricio González’s Oral Account: The Annexation of California.

María Luz Cruz-Torres - Anthropology, Riverside. The Political Ecology of Common Property Resources in Southern California.

Allen Klinger - Computer Science, Los Angeles (Silvia G. González, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana). Planning a Program for Teachers on Mathematics, History, Art and Computers.

Carlos Morton - Theatre, Riverside. National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Conference.

Max Parra - Literature, San Diego. Literatura Villista. Subjetividad Rebelde y Cultura Postrevolucionaria en México (1920-1940).

Carol Zabin - Public Policy and Social Research, Los Angeles (Roger Waldinger, Guillermo Hernandez, Los Angeles). Conference on "Latino Political Empowerment and the Role of Mexican Hometown Associations."



Lindsay Allen, Nutrition, Davis, and Jorge Luis Rosado, Fisiología de la Nutrición, Instituto Nacional de la Nutrición - Testing Novel Methods of Combating Anemia in Mexico.

Peter Armstrong, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Davis, and Francisco Vargas, Biotecnología Marina, CIAD (Gloria Ypeiz-Plascencia, Teresa Gollas-Galvan, CIAD) - Isolation and characterization of the immune defense protein a2-macroglobulin from the White Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei).

Stanley Brandes, Anthropology, Berkeley, and Martha Judith Sánchez Gómez, Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, UNAM (Sandra Nichols, Berkeley) - Process of recreation and creation of new identities among the grape farmworkers of Napa and Sonoma Counties.

Cathy J. Busby, Geological Sciences, Santa Barbara, and Javier Helenes Escamilla, Geología, CICESE - Sequence Stratigraphic Studies in Baja California, Mexico.

Kenneth Cameron, Earth Sciences, Santa Cruz, and Fernando Ortega-Gutiérrez, Instituto de Geología, UNAM (Robert López, Santa Cruz/UNAM; Duncan Keppie, Luigi Solari, UNAM) - U/Pb Geochronology of Basement Rocks Exposed in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Edward Caswell-Chen, Nematology, Davis, and Remigio A. Guzmán-Plazola, Instituto de Fitosanidad, Colegio de Postgraduados (Emma Zavaleta-Mejía, Colegio de Postgraduados) - Spatial Analysis of Meloidogyne Species and Races in Tomato Producing Regions of Morelos State, Mexico.

Marc A. Deshusses, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Riverside, and Sergio Revah, Ingeniería Química, UAM-Iztapalapa (Richard Auria, ORSTOM-French Scientific Research Institute for Development in Cooperation) - The UCR-UAM Biofilter Collaboration Project.

John Froines, Environmental Health Sciences, Los Angeles, and Mariano Enrique Cebrián García, Farmacología, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN (Wendie Robbins, Los Angeles; Victor Borja, IPN) - Characterization of Pesticide Use and Exposure in a Mexican Agricultural Community Using a Geographic Information System.

Arturo Gómez-Pompa, Botany and Plant Sciences, Riverside, and Eberto Novelo Maldonado, Laboratorio de Ficología, UNAM (Ana Luisa Anaya, Sergio Palacios, Rosa Luz Tavera, UNAM) - The Effect of the Periphyton of the Savanna at El Edén Ecological Reserve (Quintana Roo, Mexico) as a Biological Fertilizer.

Norman F. Haard, Food Science and Technology, Davis, and Josafat Marina Ezquerra Brauer, Investigación y Posgrado en Alimentos, Universidad de Sonora (José Luis Cárdenas, Universidad de Sonora) - Proteolytic Enzyme Activity in the Mantle and Hepatopancreas of Jumbo Squid (Dosidicus gigas).

John Heraty, Entomology, Riverside, and Robert Jones, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Autónoma de Querétero (Michael Gates, Riverside) - Preliminary Survey of the Hymenoptera (Insecta) of El Edén Ecological Reserve, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Ann Hirsch, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, Los Angeles, and Federico Sánchez, Instituto de Biotecnología, UNAM (Michelle Lum, Los Angeles; Luis Cárdenas Torres, UNAM) - Studying the Stages of Nodule Arrest in Bean and Sweetclover Using Molecular and Cellular Markers of Development.

James R. Hunt, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Berkeley, and Juan Antonio García Aragón, Centro Interamericano de Recursos del Agua, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (Carlos Diaz Delgado, Sofía Garrido Hoyos, Khalidou Mamadou Ba, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México; Pedro Avila Pérez, Leticia Tavera Dávila, Graciela Zarazúa, Esperanza Quintero D., Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares; Icela Barceló Quintal, Hugo Solís Correa, UAM-Azcapotzalco) - Sediment Con-taminant Dynamics in Reservoir and Estuarine Systems.

Michael Kearney, Anthropology, Riverside, and José Federico Besserer, Antropología, UAM-Iztapalapa - The Formation of Mixtec Transnational Communities.

Kenneth Kraemer, Center for Research on Information Technology and Organization, Irvine, and Juan J. Palacios, Estudios del Pacífico, Universidad de Guadalajara - Impacts of Economic Integration on the Computer Sector in Mexico and the United States.

Kam-Biu Luk, Physics, Berkeley, and Julian Felix, Física, Universidad de Guanajuato (Gerardo Moreno, Modesto Sosa, Universidad de Guanajuato) - Study of Properties of Strange Baryons and Anti-baryons.

Alexander McPherson, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Irvine, and Ana Paulina Barba de la Rosa, Ing. Bioquímica, Instituto Tecnológica de Celaya (John Day, Irvine) - Structure Determination in Solution of STMV-RNA.

John W. Menke, Agronomy and Range Science, Davis, and Lázaro Sánchez Velasquez, Instituto Manantlán de Ecología y Conservación de la Biodiversidad, Universidad de Guadalajara (Luis I. Iñiguez Davalos, Dominique Louette, M. del Rosario Pineda López, Universidad de Guadalajara; Michel Wattiaux, Timothy C. Moermond, University of Wisconsin-Madison) - Sustainable Livestock Management in Forest Ecosystems of the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve.

Thomas Perring, Entomology, Riverside, and Eduardo Aranda, Centro de Investigación en Biotecnología, UAEM (Linda L. Walling, Riverside) - Identification and Characterization of Whitefly Genes for Use in Control Strategies.

James J. Sims, Plant Pathology, Riverside, and Ana Luisa Anaya, Biología Celular, UNAM (Rosa Luz Tavera, Andrea Torres Barragán, Genoveva García, Rachel Mata, UNAM) - Looking for Pest Controls in Fungi and Algae from El Edén Ecological Reserve in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Robert J. Strangeway, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Los Angeles, and Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Instituto de Geofísica, UNAM (Debbie E. Huddleston, Los Angeles; Hector Perez-de-Tejada, UNAM-Ensenada) - Plasma Wave and Ion Instabilities at Planetary Magnetospheres.

Stefano Varese, Native American Studies, Davis, and Paola Sesia, CICESE, Unidad Istmo (Michael Kearney, Riverside; and Lucero Topete, Instituto Cultural, Oaxaca) - Oaxacalifornia: The Impact of Globalization on Local Communities.

Hartmut S. Walter, Geography, Los Angeles, and Patricia Escalante-Pliego, Zoología, UNAM - Structure and Survival of an Isolated Fauna: Vertebrates of Clarion Island.

Robert Wayne, Biology, Los Angeles, and Raúl Valadez, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, UNAM (Jennifer Leonard, Los Angeles; Carles Vilà, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) - Genetic Variability of Pre-Columbian Dogs: Origin of American Dogs and Human Movements.

John Whitaker, Food Science and Technology, Davis, and Miguel Angel Martínez Téllez, Tecnología de Alimentos de Origen Vegetal, CIAD. (Edna Ramírez, Davis; Luz del Carmen Montoya, Irasema Vargas A., CIAD) - Postharvest Handling and Processing of Broccoli and Cauliflower.

Carter Wilson, Community Studies, Santa Cruz, and David C. Halperin, División de Población y Salud, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur - The Ethnography of Bisexual Men in a Frontier Town: Forming critical interventions against HIV infection.