Martin Jaroszewicz
Faculty, Center for Educational Partnerships - COSMOS UC Irvine

UC MEXUS residency from September 2016 to June 2017
Martin Jaroszewicz

I am a composer, researcher and multimedia artist with a PhD in Digital Composition from the University of California Riverside. My research interests include sound spatialization and performer-computer interaction using mobile technologies. I am also interested in the development of computer languages for music composition and sound synthesis. At UC MEXUS, I am working on the project “Gestural Space and Engagement in Electroacoustic Music” where I use IMU sensors to capture performance data and create unique interfaces that are non-invasive to the performer, and take advantage of the musical gesture to interact with the computer in electroacoustic music. Findings will be used to create a series of compositions that will have their premier at the Culver Center of the Arts and the UCR Music Department.

More information about my work:

martin [at] martinjaroszewicz [dot] com