Enriqueta Velarde
Senior full time researcher, Instituto de Ciencias Marinas y Pesquerías, Universidad Veracruzana

UC MEXUS residency from August 2014 to July 2015
Enriqueta Velarde

Enriqueta Velarde has focused her work on seabird ecology, mainly breeding and feeding ecology, as well as conservation and management of insular ecosystems. She has also done research about the distribution of seabirds at sea and in the islands of the Gulf of California. An applied aspect of her research has been the use of data from her studies of seabird feeding and breeding ecology to the prediction of commercial fisheries.

Besides the collaboration she currently has with researchers of her own university, Enriqueta will collaborate extensively during her stay with Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra from UC Riverside (UCMEXUS) and Dr. Daniel W. Anderson, Emeritus Professor from UC Davis and leading expert in California Brown Pelican breeding and feeding ecology, as well as seabirds in the California Current and Gulf of California. Their work will mainly focus on the breeding and feeding ecology and dynamics of several seabird species in the Gulf of California, mainly to provide sound, solid data on which to base management decisions both for the seabirds and the small pelagic fish on which they feed (sardines, anchovies, etc.), and also to determine how these species cope with the fluctuating marine environment and fluctuating food resources, and how will they be affected with the profound changes that are being generated as a result of human activities, such as climate change and by being caught during sardine fishing activities.

She will also collaborate with Dr. Octavio Aburto from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and his team to develop seabird distribution maps for the Gulf of California. She will also collaborate with Drs. Andres Aguilar and Michael Horn from California State University at LA and Fullerton, respectively, Dr. Robert Patton from Avian Research Associates, Coronado, California and Dr. Enrico Ruiz from Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Mexico, in a project involving several aspects of Heermann´s Gull and Elegant Tern genetics and nesting distribution and abundance. She is currently collaborating with Dr. Lloyd T. Findley in a description of the diet of the Royal Terns nesting in Isla Rasa, as well as with several researchers involved in the development of a model to estimate the stock size of the Pacific Sardine in the Gulf of California.

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Dr. Velarde can be reached by email at enriqueta_velarde@yahoo.com.mx.