Mildred Mathias Award Recipients

The Mildred Mathias Award was established in 1997 to commemorate Professor Mathias' lifelong commitment to excellence in science and her contributions as a member of the UC MEXUS Advisory Committee from 1986 until her death in 1995. Mathias, professor emeritus in botany at UC Los Angeles, also served as chairwoman of the UC Natural Reserve System. The award goes to the top-ranked project in the UC MEXUS faculty or dissertation research competitions that best reflects the goals of the programs and provides supplemental funding to strengthen the project's activities. The recipients are listed below.

Graham E. Forrester, Biology, UC Los Angeles
Assessment of Artisanal Fisheries of the East Coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico

Richard S. Criddle, Molecular & Cellular Biology, UC Davis
Metabolic-based selection of superior growing trees with high economic value matched to growth climates in Chihuahua, Mexico

J.A. Stamps, Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis
Proximate bases of habitat selection in a colonial seabird

J. Giles Waines, Botany & Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
Evaluation of Oaxacan Landrace Wheats

Charles Leo Ortiz, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz
Cooperative Research and Training on the Biology of the Gulf of California, CIAD and the University of California, Santa Cruz

Adam P. Summer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine
A preliminary investigation of biomaterials and life history parameters of sharks from Mexican waters

Borja Mila, Organismic Biology, Ecology and Evolution, UC Los Angeles
(Dissertation Research Grant; Advisor: Thomas B. Smith)
Evolution of Songbird Migration in the Mexican Highlands: Implications for speciation, Taxonomy and Biodiversity Conservation

Gregory S. Gilbert, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Plant diseases as ecological drivers in plant community diversity: the importance of local climatic conditions

Enric Sala, Marine Biology Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
An ecological and economic baseline for the Revillagigedo Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Patrick O'Grady, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley
Population genetics and statistical phylogeography of dune endemic species in northern Mexico and southwestern United States

Kevin J. Rice, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Ecological and genetic studies of a binationally threatened species: The Island Oak (Quercus tomentella Engelm.)

Adina Paytan, Earth and Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
Climate variability, drought, and environmental change in the Yucatan Peninsula: A late-Holocene stable isotope record from the Celestun Estuary, Yucatan, Mexico

Kathleen Kay, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz
Coevolution of Nectar-Feeding Bats and Columnar Cacti in Baja California, México

Vanessa Thulsiraj, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Los Angeles
(Dissertation Research Grant; Advisor: Jennifer Jay)
Characterizing fecal pollution in the San Antonio de los Buenos watershed through the development and application of rapid quantitative methods

Therese Markow, Biological Sciences, UC San Diego
Evolutionary and Ecological Genomics of the Cactus-Microbe-Drosophila Model System

Christopher DiVittorio, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
(Advisor: David Ackerly)
Field and molecular estimates of natural selection and gene flow at 15 natural Encelia hybrid zones

Emma Britton, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Judith Habicht-Mauche)
Understanding the diversity of Casas Grandes polychromes and their social implications

Calandra Turner Tomaszewicz, Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, UC San Diego
(Advisor: Carolyn Kurle)
Ecology and conservation of two migratory endangered species

Katherine Ennis, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Stacy M. Philpott)
Evaluating the ecological and economic consequences of shifting rainfall patterns in a Mexican coffee agroecosystem

Maria Esteli Jimenez Soto, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
(Advisor: Stacy M. Philpott)
Complexity in a cup of coffee: Ecological and social implications of resource heterogeneity in Mexican coffee agroecosystems

Rebecca Hasselbeck, Anthropology, UCI
(Advisor: Leo Chavez)
Social and Labor Relations in the United States Horse Racing Industry
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