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Recent additions to our library: A selection of books of interest for Latino Studies and those interested in U.S.-Mexico binational issues. Publications announced below are not distributed by UC MEXUS. They may be ordered directly from their respective publishers or through bookstores. Publisher contact information is provided at the end of this page


Aguirre Beltrán, Gonzalo
Pobladores del Papaloapan: biografía de una hoya
CIESAS. 1992

Da cuenta de las diversas culturas que asentaron en las márgenes del río Mariposa.

Amado, Maria Luisa
Mexican Immigrants in the Labor Market. The Strength of Strong Ties
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2006

A useful text for those teaching and/or doing research on recent immigration from Mexico (especially to the Southeast), immigrant networks and labor markets.

Altbach, Philip G., Robert O. Berdahl and Patricia J. Gumport
American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: Social, Political and Economic Challenges
Johns Hopkins University Press. 2005

A Revised edition exploring current issues in the academy: leadership, accountability, access, finance, technology, academic freedom, the canon, governance and race. A new chapter focuses on higher education.

Badillo, David A.
Latinos and the New Immigrant Church Johns Hopkins University Press. 2006

A history of Latino Catholicism in the U.S. Contrasting the development of three Latino communities Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cuban Americans, Badillo challenges the popular concept of the overarching "Latino experience."

Batalova, Jeanne
The New Americans: Skilled Immigrant and Native Workers in the United States, the Economic Competition Debate and Beyond
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2006

Examines how the presence of skilled immigrants affects the earnings of men and women, native born and immigrant. Challenges the exclusive focus on immigrants as individual workers and suggests placing the immigrant-native competition debate in the context of the American economy characterized by deepening labor market segmentation, occupational segregation and gender inequality

Bobrow-Strain, Aaron
Intimate Enemies: Landowners, Power & Violence in Chiapas
Duke University Press. 2007

Conflict in Chiapas from the perspective of landed elites.

Bosniak, Linda
The Citizen and the Alien: Dilemmas of Contemporary Membership
Princeton University Press. 2006

Examines alienage in all its complexities: the dilemmas of inclusion and exclusion inherent in the practices and institutions of citizenship in liberal democratic societies, especially the U.S.

Botham, Fay and Sara M. Patterson (Eds.)
Race, Religion, Region: Landscapes of Encounter in the American West
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Demonstrates how religion shaped cultural encounters, contributed to the construction of racial identities and served as a motivating factor in the lives of historical actors. Attempts to clearly show how race, religion and region are as critical as gender, sexuality and class.

Bradu, Fabienne (Interviewed by). Foreword by Alejandro Castellanos
Graciela Iturbide Eyes to Fly With: Portraits, Self-Portraits and Other Photographs University of Texas Press. 2006.

A retrospective of Graciela Iturbide's career and an introspective self portrait; an artists' art book.

Brewer, Cynthia A. and Trudy A. Suchan
Mapping Census 2000: The Geography of U.S Diversity
ESRI Press. 2001

Shows the degree to which the U.S., a nation of immigrants, has become more ethnically and racially diverse. This new census includes new and expanded categories of racial and ethnic identity by which residents can accurately identify themselves.

Broyles, Bill [Photographs by Michael P. Berman]
Sunshot: Peril and Wonder in the Gran Desierto
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Photographs capture the desolate beauty of the desert translating its formidable monotone into finely tuned studies of light.

Castañeda, Alejandra
The New Americans: The Politics of Citizenship of Mexican Migrants
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2006

Aims at bridging the divide between a critique of a state-centered notion of citizenship and the recognition of Mexican migrants as political actors. Based on data from Aguililla, Michoacán (Mexico), and Redwood City, California (United States), Castañeda argues that citizenship lies at the crossroads of legal definitions of membership and senses of belonging.

Castillo, Ana
W. W. Norton & Company. 1996

Twenty-two tales of love, lust, and Latina tradition with bold protagonists investigating the substance of their lives. The lovers are not always boys but a variety of emotionally misguided, pathetic or bizarre social rejects.

Chávez-García, Miroslava
Negotiating Conquest: Gender and Power in California 1770s to 1880
The University of Arizona Press. 2004

Using archival materials, including thousands of court cases at the federal, county and local level that have been ignored by other scholars. The author concludes that the American takeover of the state irrevocably altered gender patterns, and women's rights and status in a positive fashion. It shows how women also used the courts to gain equity and justice.

Chorba, Carrie
Mexico, from Mestizo to Multicultural: National Identity and Recent Representations of the Conquest
Vanderbilt University Press. 2007

Shows how books, films and cartoons have rewritten popular notions of the Spanish Conquest.

Cornelius, Wayne A. and Jessa M. Lewis (Eds.)
Impacts of Border Enforcement on Mexican Migration: The View from Sending Communities
Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UCSD. 2007

Reveals how the stricter U.S. border-control activities of the past decade have affected the behavior of migrants and potential migrants in rural Mexico. Presents detailed and direct evidence of the failure of the post-1993 U.S. strategy to deter unauthorized entry across the U.S.-Mexico border and the reasons for its failure.

Cornelius, Wayne A. and David A Shirk (Eds.)
Reforming the Administration of Justice in Mexico
University of Notre Dame Press. 2007

Details the challenges Mexico faces in reforming the administration of its justice system.

Dowie, Mark
Losing Ground American Environmentalism at the Close of the Twentieth Century
MIT Press. 1995

The author posits that compromise and capitulation have pushed a promising and effective political movement to the edge of irrelevance.

Du Bry, Travis
The New Americans Immigrants, Settlers and Laborers: The Socioeconomic Transformation of a Farming Community
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2007

Although farm laborers continue to work in the worst conditions and earn the lowest wages in the U.S., Du Bry shows that they are reforming rural communities in California and redefining their roles in social and political participation.

Eakin, Hallie
Weathering Risk in Rural Mexico: Climatic, Institutional and Economic Change
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Traces the effect of El Niño in central Mexico in the late 1990s next to some of the principal changes in the country's agricultural policies. Shows how the parallel processes of globalization and climatic change result in populations that are "doubly exposed" and vulnerable.

Edelman, Bryan C.
Racial Prejudice, Juror Empathy and Sentencing in Death Penalty Cases
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2006

Documents race-of-victim discrimination and compares to experimental research on the race-of-offender effect. Using interviews with jurors, seeks to reconcile this conflict and explain how and when race effects are likely to occur.

Etkin, Nina L.
Edible Medicine: An Ethnopharmacology of Food
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Reveals the medicinal properties of foods in the specific cultural contexts in which they are used. Addresses some of the physiological effects of foods across cultures and through history while taking into account both the complex dynamics of foods choice and the blurred distinctions between food and medicine.

Fox, Jonathan and Gaspar Rivera-Salgado
Indigenous Mexican Migrants in the United States
Center for U.S-Mexican Studies and the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at UC San Diego. 2004

Explores the migration processes and the social, cultural and civic effect of indigenous peoples in the U.S. and Mexico. Shows how the creation and re-creation of collective ethnic identities among indigenous migrants influence their economic, social and political relationships in the U.S.

Garrison, Philip
Because I Don't Have Wings: Stories of Mexican Immigrant Life
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Features vivid characters telling their stories and distressing reflections on life, illustrating that adaptation, persistence and survival are traits that Mexican culture values and that over time Mexican immigrants don't only adapt to another culture they transform it.

Gómez, Alma and Cherrie Moraga, Mariana Romo-Carmona (Eds.)
Cuentos: Stories by Latinas
Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press. 1983

Short stories about women's experiences and ability to overcome adversity.

Gonzalez, Jovita (ed.)
A landmark Tejana Thesis: Life along the Border
Texas A&M University Press. 2006

One of the foundational documents of Mexican American History in Texas, the author created a study that has served as source material on the Texas-Mexican Borderlands for more than twenty five years.

Granados, Christine
Brides and Sinners in El Chuco
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Fourteen short stories about characters who struggle to come to grips with self-discovery, sibling rivalry and dysfunctional relationships while learning to survive in a steamy border environment. Dramas unfold in dull households as working-class men come home from work, and their wives and children do their best to deal with their lives.

Grant, Heath B.
Building a Culture of Lawfulness: Law Enforcement, Legal Reasoning and Delinquency among Mexican Youth
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2006

Uses perspectives from criminology, police science, sociology, victimology and the law. Offers the latest approaches to crime in America.

Gutkind, Lee and Ilan Stavans (Eds.)
Hurricanes & Carnivals
University of Arizona Press. 2007

Essays by Chicanos, Pochos, Pachucos, Mexicanos and Expatriots.

Helmke, Gretchen and Steven Levitsky (Eds.)
Informal Institutions & Democracy: Lessons from Latin America
Johns Hopkins University Press. 2006

Examines informal institutions in Latin American and how they support or weaken democratic governance.

Hillman, Richard S.
Understanding Contemporary Latin America
Lynne Rienner Publisher, Inc. 2005

Updated edition treats the range of issues facing the region in the first decade of the 21st century. The author provides current analyses of history, politics, economics, environmental concerns, class, ethnicity, the role of women, religious beliefs, education and cultural expression.

Klimley, A. Peter
The Secret Lives of Sharks
Simon & Schuster. 2003

UC researcher details his career uncovering the previously unknown habits of sharks.

Kropp, Phoebe S.
California Vieja Cultural and Memory in a Modern American Place
University of California Press. 2006

The origins of Southern California are rooted not solely in the Spanish colonial period but also in the early twentieth century. Four case studies examine the responses of Mexican and Indian people to the construction of places that gave shape to this cultural memory.

Levinson, Irving, W.
Wars within War: Mexican Guerrillas, Domestic Elites and the United States of America
TCU Press. 2005

Examines two little-known guerrilla wars that took place at the same time as the Mexican-American war and proved particular to the outcome of the conflict. Takes information from 24 archives that include the normally closed files of Mexico's National Defense Archives.

López, Ann Aurelia
The Farmworkers' Journey
University of California Press. 2007

The impact of economic globalization-agricultural & trade policies, migration & dehumanization of farmworkers.

Lucero, Lisa J. and Barbara W. Fash (Eds.)
Precolumbian Water Management Ideology, Ritual and Power
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Examines water management from economic and symbolic perspectives. Presents a unified perspective of how water was conceived, used and represented in ancient greater Mesoamerica, showing that water was not only an essential natural resource but an important spiritual one.

Macias, Thomas
Mestizo in America: Generations of Mexican Ethnicity in the Suburban Southwest
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Describes how continual immigration, the growth of the Latino population and the Chicano Movement have been important factors in shaping the experience of Mexican Americans. Argues that Mexican American identity is often not merely an "ethnic option" but a necessary response to stereotyping and interactions with Anglo society.

Magee, Kelly
Body Language
University of North Texas Press Denton. 2006

These 11 stories guide the reader into the hidden worlds of the culture wars. The people belong to the fringes of society, struggling for an identity and a place to belong.

Martinez, Juan Francisco
Sea la Luz: The Making of Mexican Protestantism in the American Southwest, 1829-1900
University of North Texas Press. 2006

Traces the birth and initial development of this ethno-religious community through the westward expansion of the U.S. Using the records of Protestant missionaries, Martinez uncovers the story of Mexican converts and the churches they developed.

Martinez, Oscar J.
Troublesome Borders
University of Arizona Press. 2006

This revised edition includes new information on migration and drugs including the heavy rise of violence traced largely to the illegal drug trade and the devastating effects of U.S. Border Patrol "blockages" that have resulted in thousands of deaths.

Mathews, Jennifer P. and Bethany A. Morrison (Eds.)
Lifeways in the Northern Maya Lowlands: New Approaches to Archaeology in the Yucatán Peninsula
University of Arizona Press. 2006

Studies the largely ignored, flat, dry reaches of the northern Maya lowlands. By exploring various social and political levels of Maya society through a broad expanse of time, reconstructs a little-known past, and also suggests the broad implications of archaeology for related studies of tourism, household economies and ethnoarchaeology.

Mattingly, Doreen J. and Ellen R. Hansen (Eds.)
Women and Change at the U.S. – Mexico Border: Mobility, Labor and Activism
The University of Arizona Press. 2006

A new look at women on both sides of the border to portray them as active participants in the changing structures of life, often engaging in political struggles. Topics range from the changing gender composition of the maquiladora workforce over the past decade to border women's non-governmental organizations and political activism.

Mjangos Noh, Juan Carlos and F. Romero Gamboa
Mundos Encontrados /Táantanil Yo'okol kaabil
Edicciones Pomares. 2006

Analysis of primary indigenous education in a southern Yucatan community.

Mora, Pat
Adobe Odes
The University of Arizona Press. 2006

Forty-nine odes, thick with the microcultures of foodstuffs, family, places, regions, deities, spirits and literary figures.

Nuñez, Fernando, C. Arvizu and R. Abonce
Space & Place in the Mexican Landscape: the evolution of a colonial city
Texas A&M University Press. 2007

Influence of metaphysics on Mexican construction.

Palacios, Ricardo
Tío Cowboy: Juan Salinas, Rodeo Roper & Horseman
Texas A&M University Press. 2007

The biography of the first Mexican American rodeo star.

Perrone, Bobbette, H. Stockel and Victoria Krueger
Medicine Women, Curanderas & Women Doctors
University of Oklahoma Press. 1989

Study of 10 women healers from three cultures, their beliefs and power of the psyche on illness.

Poniatowska, Elena. [Translation and introduction by Elizabeth Coonrod Martinez; Illustrations by Leonora Carrington]
Lilus Kikus University of New Mexico Press. 2005

First published in 1954, this child's-eye critique of adult society was decades ahead of its time. This first American edition contains four of Poniatowska's short stories with female protagonists.

Powell-Marti, Valli S. and Patricia A. Gilman
Mimbres Society
The University of Arizona Press. 2006

The Mimbres people, a division of the Mongollon culture, produced bewitching pottery unique among the ancient art traditions of North America. Tracing the way technology evolved in ceramic decoration, architecture and mortuary practices, this collection of eight original contributions brings new insights into previously unexplored dimensions of the Mimbres Society.

Prouty, Marco G.
Cesar Chavez and the Catholic Bishops, and the Farmworkers' Struggle for Social Justice
The University of Arizona Press. 2006

Exposes the American Catholic hierarchy's internal and often confidential deliberations during the California farm labor crisis of the 1960s and 1970s. Traces how the Catholic Church went from reluctant mediator to outright Chavez supporter.

Reichman, Jill S.
The New Americans Immigration, Acculturation and Health: The Mexican Diaspora
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2006

Debunks the myth of the cognitive and behavioral intransigence of first generation Mexican immigrants. Reveals the flexibility of female immigrants' beliefs about health and illness, and shows that the majority of changes in attitude occur within ten years, regardless of the age at immigration, the type of sending community, the level of education or English language fluency.

Riding, Alan and Joaquin Mortiz
Vecinos Distantes Un Retrato de los Mexicanos
Editorial Joaquin Mortiz S. A., Grupo Editorial Planeta. 1985

Proporciona una visión global de enorme interés, da enfoques particularmente al sistema político, su crisis actual, su capacidad de reproducción, la reforma agraria, el petróleo, la corrupción, la deuda externa, la política exterior y muchos otros problemas que nos afectan.

Rodríguez, Ralph E.
Brown Gumshoes: Detective Fiction and the Search for Chicana/o Identity
University of Texas Press. 2005

Examines recent contributions to the detective fiction genre by writers such as Rodolfo Anaya, Lucha Corpi, Rolando Hinojosa, Michael Nava and Manuel Ramos. Shows that their novels register crucial new discourses of identity, politics and cultural citizenship.

Rudolph, Kris
Mexican Light Healthy Cuisine for Today's Cook/ Cocina Mexicana Ligera para el Cocinero Actual
University of North Texas Press. 2006

Written in both Spanish and English, outlines the history of Mexican cooking, followed by an overview of healthy eating habits.

Scarpaci, Joseph L.
Plazas and Barrios: Heritage Tourism and Globalization in the Latin American Centro Histórico
The University of Arizona Press. 2005

Analyzes nine cities, and explores how tourism has increased redevelopment opportunities in inner city areas, yet requires the juxtaposition of restoration and conservation needs with new economic imperatives.

Sheridan, Thomas E.
Landscapes of Fraud: Mission Tumacacori, The Baca Float and the Betrayal of the O'odham
The University of Arizona Press. 2006

Explores how the penetration of the evolving capitalist world-system created and destroyed communities in the upper Santa Cruz Valley of Arizona from the late 1600s to the 1700s. Melding history, anthropology and critical geography, the book shows the lasting effect of greed and power on those left powerless.

Snyder, Noel F. & Helen
Introduction to the California Condor
University of California Press. 2005

The story of the preservation of the California condor in the U.S. and Mexico.

Stephen, Lynn
Transborder Lives
Duke University Press. 2007

Studies indigenous Oaxacans working in California & Oregon.

Taibo II, Paco Ignacio. [Translated by: William I. Neuman]
The Shadows of the Shadow
Cinco Puntos Press. 1991

The book tells about four men who regularly meet to play dominoes. They witness a series of strangely related murders and begin to suspect a conspiracy involving the oil-rich lands of the Gulf Coast, greedy army officers and an American industrialist.

Tatum, Charles M.
The Mexican American Experience: Chicano and Chicana Literature: Otra Voz del Pueblo
The University of Arizona Press. 2006

Explores the work of Rudolfo Anaya, Sandra Cisneros, Luis Alberto Urrea and many more. Examines the important social, historical and cultural context in which writing evolved, paying special attention to the Chicano movement and the flourishing of literary texts during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Tiesler, Vera and Andrea Cucina
Janaab' Pakal of Palenque: Reconstructing the Life and Death of a Maya Ruler
The University of Arizona Press. 2006

Leads readers through the history of Pakal's discovery, skeletal analysis and interpretation of Maya biographies. Royal Maya life and death histories form the written record analyzed from a regional perspective to provide a broad panorama of the twisted power politics of rulers' families and the entangled genealogies of the Maya classic period.

Torres, Eliseo "Cheo" and Timothy L. Sawyer, Jr.
Stories of Mexico's Independence Days and other Bilingual Children's fables
University of New Mexico Press. 2005

These six bilingual stories have regional and historical emphases. Each story is followed with discussion questions and suggestions for classroom activities.

Van Devender, Thomas R.
The Sonoran Desert Tortoise: Natural History, Biology and Conservation
The University of Arizona Press and The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson. 2002

The first comprehensive summary of the natural history, biology and conservation of the Sonoran and Sinaloan desert tortoises. Gathers decades of research on tortoise populations in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.

Villa-Flores, Javier
Dangerous Speech: A Social History of Blasphemy in Colonial Mexico
The University of California Press. 2006

Offers an innovative interpretation of the social uses of blasphemous speech by groups such as conquistadores, Spanish settlers, Spanish women and slaves of both genders. Interweaves images of daily life in colonial Mexico with vivid descriptions of human interactions to illustrate the enormous influence of the Catholic Church.

Wilkinson, Deanna L.
Guns, Violence and Identity among African American and Latino Youth
LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. 2003

Studies the role of violence and guns in the construction the social identity of minority youth. Gives an insightful analysis and carefully builds a compelling narrative that details the etiology and meaning of violent events.

Woodrow Wilson Center
NAFTA at 10 Progress, Potential & Precendents

Conference Proceedings.

Wooster, Ralph, R. Calvert and Adrian Anderson
Texas Vistas
Texas State Historical Assn. 2006

A selection of essays from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.


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