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Resident Scholars Program

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The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) offers an academic residency program for researchers, scholars and artists at critical junctures in their academic careers. The Institute offers a place for reflection and writing as well as opportunities to interact with the University community. Resident scholars must be self-supporting, as the program does not provide salary. Scholars are eligible to apply for a research allowance up to $4,000.00, depending upon the availability of funds. All fellows are provided office space as well as access to a computer, phone, and the UCR Libraries.

The program offers three types of residencies at the UC MEXUS headquarters at UC Riverside:

Graduate students in the write-up phase of their dissertations, master’s thesis, or final phase of production for a Master of Fine Arts (up to 1 year appointments): Student fellows are expected to interact with UCR faculty and students, and also with other visiting researchers at UC MEXUS. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in UC MEXUS activities and expected to give presentations or develop seminar series on campus or at UC MEXUS. Where possible, it is hoped that they will visit or give presentations at other campuses and assist in developing intercampus ties for UC MEXUS. The final result is the dissertation, thesis, exhibit, or performance for the completion of the student’s graduate career.

Recent university graduates (up to 1 year appointments): Researchers, artists, and scholars within 5 years of receiving their graduate degree (Ph.D., MA, MS, or MFA) have the opportunity to establish themselves and broaden the research or activities initiated in the last phase of their graduate career or to expand on activities begun as postgraduates. Graduate fellows are expected to develop solid lines of research, collaborate with UCR researchers, and introduce new, exciting areas of research to UCR and other campuses. Graduate fellows are expected to interact with faculty on campus, participate in courses and seminars in coordination with a UCR department and/or research center, or give presentations. A percentage of fellows’ time may be dedicated to work on UC MEXUS activities and research initiatives, such as proposal development, meetings, symposia, or publications. Fellows must indicate in their application that they intend to complete their residencies with specific results, such as an article, book, exhibit, or performance.

Visiting faculty (short-term visits of 1-3 quarters): Researchers or artists are provided the opportunity to reflect and dedicate themselves to a specific project and collaborate with UCR faculty. Fellows must provide documentation that they have been released from their teaching or research responsibilities at their home campus or institution for the duration of the residency. They may be asked to give presentations or a seminar at UC MEXUS and develop ties with UCR faculty, students, and departments. Fellows must indicate in their application that they intend to complete their residencies with specific results, such as an article, book, exhibit, or performance.

Application Procedures: Fellows must be in residence at UC MEXUS at the UCR campus for the duration of their stay. Applications require a short prospectus (no more than 3 pages) indicating what the fellow hopes to accomplish with respect to his/her career development during the residency, how he/she expects to interact with the UCR campus community, and what the specific end products will be. Include a current curriculum vita and request three letters of recommendation to be sent independently to the contact person below. Fellows must provide proof of health insurance prior to beginning their residency.

Up to four concurrent residencies are available at a time. Please consult UC MEXUS to determine if any positions remain open.

For additional information contact:
Wendy DeBoer, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Programs, UC MEXUS
tel: (951) 827-7339
Updated on 12/04/2014