UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral Fellowships for Mexican Students

Academic Resources

The following offices at each UC campus provides useful information regarding visas, program requirements, additional funding opportunities, and educational workshops:

  • Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS/SISS)
  • Office of Graduate Division or Office of Graduate Studies
  • Office of Research or Sponsored Research, Contracts & Grants Offices
Graduate Student Associations and International Services

All UC campuses have active graduate student associations. These associations serve as an important campus resource for fellows and their families by providing a variety of services for students (including writing workshops and peer mentoring programs) and as a forum for graduate student needs. International Student Centers serve the specific needs of international students and provide support related to visas, employment, housing, health care, and academic issues. Additionally, many UC campuses have student organizations based on cultural, academic, or social interests that can serve as supportive social networks. Please refer to the table below for direct links.

UC MEXUS also maintains a list of current fellows who are willing to answer questions and assist incoming doctoral fellows. Please email Veronica Sandoval at veronica.sandoval@ucr.edu to obtain this information.


Below you will find general information that may assist you in researching housing opportunities near your school. It is important to note that this information is available to all graduate students in the UC and additional research may be necessary.


UC MEXUS does not issue visas to its doctoral students, nor can we answer any questions about the visa process and regulations. However, the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) at your UC campus may advise and answer questions regarding visa issues.

UCB Housing services
Berkeley International Office
UCD Community Housing Listing
Services for International Students and Scholars
Graduate Student Association
Latina/o Graduate Student Association (LGSA)
UCI Student Housing
International Center
Graduate Student Resource Center
Graduate InterConnect Program
UCLA Housing Services
Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars
Graduate Student Association
Graduate Student Resource Center
UCM UC Merced Housing
International Students and Scholars Office
Graduate Student Association
Graduate Peer Mentoring Program
UCR Housing Services
International Education Center
Graduate Student Association
UCSD Off campus Housing
International Students & Scholars office
Graduate Student Association
UCSF Housing Services
International Students & Scholars Office
Graduate Student Association
UCSB Housing & Residential Services
Office of International Students & Scholars
Graduate Students Association
Graduate Student Resource Center
UCSC Housing Services
Office of International Education
Graduate Student Association

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Updated on 01/04/2021