UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral Fellowships for Mexican Students

Documentation required by UC MEXUS

In order to track fellows' academic progress and accomplishments, UC MEXUS requires they submit the following information each year:

During the 1st through 4th year
  • UC MEXUS Contact Information Form (Sent to fellows by email; due in October)
  • Webcopy of fall quarter transcript (Due in January)
  • Official Transcript (Due in June)
  • UC MEXUS Academic Report Form (Due in June)
During the 5th year
  • UC MEXUS Contact Information Form (Due in October)
  • Webcopy of fall quarter transcript (Due in January)
  • Official Transcript (Due in June)
  • UC MEXUS Academic Report Form (Due in June)
  • Exit Form (Due in June)
  • Questionnaire (Due in June)

Please consult the Administrative Timeline for Current UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral Fellows.

Advancing to Candidacy

UC MEXUS requires that fellows advance to candidacy no later than the end of their 4th year of study so that fellows will have sufficient time to complete their dissertation. Once fellows have advanced to candidacy, they must send documentation from Graduate Division/Studies to UC MEXUS confirming their advancement and the date.

Fellows who are in good academic standing and have advanced to candidacy by their fifth year of funding, will receive the following monthly stipend amounts: $2,000 for single fellows and $2,400 for married fellows.

After the 5th year

UC MEXUS advises all students funded through the UC MEXUS-CONACYT doctoral fellowship to complete their studies by the end of their 5th year. Unfortunately, UC MEXUS cannot provide funding for a 6th year. UC MEXUS understands that some graduate programs may require more than five years to complete, thus we urge fellows to research other types of funding before their UC MEXUS-CONACYT doctoral fellowship ends. They may also consult the UC MEXUS website to begin the search for other funding opportunities: How to Look for Other Sources of Funding.

**We strongly recommend that fellows consult the section regarding Final Fellowship Payment.

Changes in Fellows' Academic Status

It is important that fellows contact both UC MEXUS and CONACYT if there is a change in their academic status. These changes may include but are not limited to withdrawal of program, leave of absence, In Absentia, and completion of Ph.D.

Fellows must also email UC MEXUS if there is a change in their personal contact information such as their email, mailing address, marital status, and number of dependents. This updated information will help UC MEXUS maintain fellow's records. Please email changes and updates to Veronica Sandoval at veronica.sandoval@ucr.edu.

Completion of the Doctoral degree

In order for fellows' files to be considered complete, UC MEXUS requires the following documentation once they have finished their doctoral degree at the University of California:

  • Electronic copy of Ph.D. certificate
  • Electronic copy of dissertation
  • Submit the UC MEXUS Alumni Form

UC MEXUS would like to stay in touch with UC MEXUS-CONACYT doctoral alumni and provide them with information about current funding opportunities and programs that UC MEXUS offers throughout the academic year. Please contact Susana Hidalgo at susana.hidalgo@ucr.edu.

Note: If alumni are interested in promoting the UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral Fellowship Program in Mexico, they should contact UC MEXUS.

*** It is also very important that fellows notify CONACYT and UC MEXUS about completing their doctoral degree. CONACYT will answer fellows' questions and provide them with information about what happens once they have obtained their Ph.D. They may contact Samuel Manterola by email at smanterola@conacyt.mx.

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Updated on 8/29/2014