Mission Statement

Since its establishment in 1980, the University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) has maintained the primary mission of developing and sustaining a coordinated, Universitywide approach to Mexico-related studies. The Institute’s broad objectives are:

  • to increase the quantity, visibility, and effectiveness of Mexico-United States projects in the University;
  • to strengthen and develop research, exchange programs, and teaching;
  • to support and coordinate interdisciplinary and inter-campus projects;
  • to encourage and enable collaborative approaches by UC and Mexican scholars to the issues which affect both nations;
  • to act as a source of information about University-sponsored United States-Mexico activities;
  • to develop new sources for support of research and instructional programs;
  • and to promote a better understanding between the two countries.


In support of these objectives, UC MEXUS promotes education, research, public service, and other scholarly activities in five principle areas:

MEXICAN STUDIES as related to Mexican history, society, politics, culture, arts, and economy;

UNITED STATES-MEXICO RELATIONS in contemporary and historical context, in terms of the economic, political, demographic, and cultural interactions between Mexico and the United States;

LATINO STUDIES related to the history, society, culture, and condition of Mexican-origin populations in the context of American society and institutions, including their interactions with other U.S. immigrant groups;

CRITICAL ISSUES in terms of urgent public policy or academic topics affecting Mexico, the United States and Mexico, the U.S.-Mexico relationship, or Mexican-origin populations in the United States; and

UC-MEXICO COLLABORATION between U.S. and Mexican scientists in all disciplines, including the basic and applied sciences, humanities, and the arts.

Within this broad definition, UC MEXUS seeks to identify, encourage, secure financial support for, and publicize programs which promise to contribute substantially to scholarship, to enhance University instruction—particularly in graduate and professional areas—to improve binational understanding, and to make positive contributions to society in both Mexico and the United States. The Institute has been located at the UC Riverside campus since 1984.