Number 40, Spring 2003

Latinos II examines 8 years of scholarship

Eight years after the first Latinos in California conference, UC Committee on Latino Research (UCCLR) and UC MEXUS plan to take up the issue again. Latinos in California II, September 11-13 at the Riverside, Calif., Mission Inn, will look at the maturation of UC campus research since that first conference almost eight years ago.

“Since 1995, there have been new policy studies on education, health, politics and the economy,” said Dolores Trevizo, working with Director Juan-Vicente Palerm to coordinate the event. Committe Chair UC Santa Cruz Professor Patricia Zavella, director of the Chicano/Latino Research Center, is joined by UC Santa Barbara sociologist Denise Segura; Andrés Jiménez, director of the California Policy Research Center; UC San Diego ethnic studies professor Ramón Gutiérrez, Palerm and Trevizo, a UC MEXUS postdoctoral fellow and associate professor at Occidental College.

“We’ll examine interdisciplinary developments in cultural studies, research on media and popular culture, literature, history and queer studies,” she said.

Policymakers and scholars will examine the policy implications of the research for improving the lives of Latinas/os and others in the state.

Judith Francisca Baca provides the artwork for the event. The many-time UC MEXUS grant recipient and visual artist is most famous for her large-scale public murals. Her Great Wall of Los Angeles, in the Tujunga Wash Flood Control Channel, incorporated 40 ethnic scholars, 450 local multi-cultural youth and 140 helpers to paint a half-mile mural on the ethnic history of California.

An overview of the conference can be found in the PDF file, Latinos in California II, 1996-2003.