Number 40, Spring 2003


Art takes center stage
Art erupted from Harry Gamboa like molten lava and the arts community looked the other way.

UCLA espouses guardianship of arts
The Latino cultural and civil rights movements of the 1960s and '70s are known today largely because writers and artists in the community recorded them.

Specialists move into action to initiate collaborative projects
January's meeting of the bilateral Mexico-UC research group took off like a racehorse leaving the gate.

Research exchange program applicants triple
The second year of a new UC MEXUS-CONACYT program for sabbatical, faculty visits and postdoctoral researchers surprised the Institute with an avalanche of proposals—almost triple the number received six months earlier.


This Casa will soon be UC's home
On the edge of Parque de la Bombilla (Lantern Park), south of Mexico City, sits an elegant two-story house that the University of California will make its home-away-from-home in Mexico.

Wires buzz with bilateral learning
Anyone measuring traffic on Internet2 over the past year would have seen a huge spike in usage.


Condors to take flight in Baja Sierras
Last fall's much-heralded flight of a group of condors in Baja California proved to be short-lived.

Up-close Delta studies bring its issues alive
Nine teams of researchers studying the Colorado River Delta area report making great strides in building up a much-needed body of knowledge.


Study finds Mexico dogs predate Europeans
Researchers looking into the origins of pre-Columbian dogs hadn't expected to discover them crossing the Bering Straits along with humans thousands of years ago.

Mexican student earns top honor at gathering of molecular biologists
by Iqbal Pittalwala
Computer science student Andrés Figueroa went to a conference in Germany, poster in hand and returned to UC Riverside with a new laptop.

Latinos II examines 8 years of scholarship
Eight years after the first Latinos in California conference, UCCLR and UC MEXUS plan to take up the issue again.


Book Review
Trilogy to examine anthropologist's work
by Devra Weber
The publication of El Inmigrante Mexicano is timely and long overdue.

Gamio's U.S. work finally published in Mexico
An irony surrounds Manuel Gamio, father of Mexican anthropology and famed excavator of the Teotihuacán pyramids...

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