Number 39, Fall 2002

(NOTE: This page, prepared in 2002, is presented for archival purposes only. For the current staff listings, including email and phone numbers, please refer to the University Headquarters & Staff Page.)

More hands to manage new programs

Although UC MEXUS staff remains streamlined compared to the work it does, it has expanded to accommodate the increase in programs and participants. The original staff of three now numbers a dozen who fall into four relatively independent groups – each with an administrator who reports to the director.


Dr. Juan-Vincente Palerm

Dr. Juan-Vicente Palerm
Director and Professor of Anthropology

805-839-8449 palerm@anth.ucsb.edu

Juan-Vicente Palerm guides and directs the academic and programmatic activities of UC MEXUS. Since he assumed the director’s role in 1994, he has been the driving force and catalyst for the growth and expanded reach of the institute’s programs. A social anthropologist at UC Santa Barbara, where he also was director of the Center for Chicano Studies, Palerm was educated in the United States, Spain and Mexico. Before coming to Santa Barbara, he taught in both Spain and Mexico, where he was chair of the anthropology department at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitano. His research explores the relationships between peasant societies and the economy, agricultural development and migration. He is the author of Los Nuevos Campesinos and several publications on agricultural labor in California.

Hortencia Arias

Hortencia Arias
Executive Assistant

909-787-7340 hortencia.arias@ucr.edu

Hortencia Arias works closely with and is the conduit to the director. She keeps his calendar, makes his appointments and arranges his travel. The liaison between the director and entities outside the department, she also handles mailing lists for departmental publications and maintains the UC MEXUS official mailing list. Arias has been with UC MEXUS for six years. In her native country of Mexico she worked with the American School Foundation and in the airline industry.

Adriana de la Cruz

Adriana de la Cruz
Mexico Representative

(01152) 55-56581673 delacruzmolina@hotmail.com

UC MEXUS’ representative in Mexico serves as contact for UC MEXUS programs and projects, and as the liaison for the director in negotiations for a UC facility in Mexico City. She also networks with Mexican UC alumni. An architect by profession, Adriana de la Cruz is studying urbanism. She formerly was director of culture for the state of Quintana Roo and assistant director of CONCULTA, the Mexican national foundation for cultural studies.


David Kropf

David Kropf
Assistant Director

909-787-4753 david.kropf@ucr.edu

David Kropf carries the overall responsibility for institutional adherence to policies, procedures and governmental regulations, along with operational management oversight of programs, facilities, budget and personnel activities. He is a veteran UC administrator who has spent 17 years with the UC -- beginning at the Los Angeles and Irvine campuses and medical facilities, and then coming to UC MEXUS four years ago. Kropf, who like the rest of the staff is fluent in Spanish, has an eclectic educational background in business administration, botany, ornamental horticulture, environmental and interior design, and music.

Dora Martinez-Velasco

Dora Martínez-Velasco
Financial Analyst

909-787-6368 dora.martinez@ucr.edu

Dora Martínez-Velasco helps the assistant director with the financial affairs of the office and with office administration, especially in his absence. She also is responsible for the process of funding transactions and transfers for grant recipients, along with supervising the front office area and student assistants. Martínez has been with UC MEXUS for 15 years, starting shortly after the newly founded consortium was installed at UC Riverside. She was raised in Lima, Peru, and studied administration in the United States.

Maria LaBarrie

María LaBarrie
Administrative Assistant

909-787-4753 maria.labarrie@ucr.edu

Another Peruana, María LaBarrie handles the reception area and arranges travel and reimbursements for members of the office and for guests. When guests come to town, LaBarrie takes care of all their needs. LaBarrie, who came to the U.S. on a Fulbright scholarship to Pasadena College, has become a student herself once again. She is pursing a degree in human development to enable her to work with university outreach programs in area high schools.

Office Assistants

The department hires several year-round office assistants to help with special projects and daily office business. The most veteran is UCR undergraduate Lydia McCall, who now concentrates on international programs.


Dr. Andrea Kaus

Dr. Andrea Kaus
Grants Coordinator

909-787-3586 andrea.kaus@ucr.edu

Andrea Kaus is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the administration of all UC MEXUS grants programs, including the call for proposals, the review processes and the award procedures. She temporarily supervises publications. A doctorate in anthropology from UCR followed her undergraduate degree in biology from UC Davis. Her dissertation research examined the relationships among land users and protected area managers at the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve. She also coordinates the UC MEXUS Border Water Project, which fosters and supports research on critical water issues along the California/Mexico border. A postdoctoral position at UC MEXUS eight years ago slowly evolved into her current job. She continues to work on environmental conservation issues in Mexico and the United States.

Martha Bernal Ponce

Martha Bernal Ponce
Assistant Analyst, Grants Program
909-787-4773 martha.ponce@ucr.edu

As support staff to the grants program officer, Martha Ponce processes all documentation related to active grants, and receives and processes new proposals. She came to UC MEXUS a year ago after spending 13 years as a student affairs assistant in the UCR Economics Department. She came to Southern California from Mexico as a child and specialized in businesses administration at college.


Dr. Marlene de la Cruz

Dr. Marlene de la Cruz
International Academic Officer

909-787-7339 marlene.delacruz@ucr.edu

Marlene de la Cruz is responsible for programs that emanate from UC MEXUS’ relationships with Mexican institutions. She not only handles the ever-growing number of doctoral students coming to study at UC campuses, but also coordinates faculty exchanges, UC and Mexican academic sabbaticals and postdoctoral stays. In addition, de la Cruz helps coordinate international agreements between UC MEXUS and Mexican academic institutions, including the development of concrete research plans for these agreements. After acquiring a bachelor’s and two masters’ degrees in Mexico, she came to UC Riverside and completed a doctoral program in botany and plant science in 1994. After 18 months as a faculty member at the Institute of Ecology in Mexico, where she taught systematics and genetics, she returned to Riverside as a visiting faculty member and joined UC MEXUS in 1998.

Christina Schneider

Christina Schneider
International Programs Assistant

909-787-4744 christina.schneider@ucr.edu

Christina Schneider came to UC MEXUS last year to assist Marlene de la Cruz with the expanding graduate student program generated by the agreement with CONACYT. Christina assists students with the application process and tracks the progress of more than 130 (anticipated to grow to 200) students studying concurrently in the UC system. Schneider earned a master’s degree in linguistics after undergraduate studies in Spanish and music. An ESL teacher who studied in Spain, she draws on her foreign student experience to address the needs of the Mexican students.


Principal Editor Andrea Kaus
909-787-3586 andrea.kaus@ucr.edu
[See above]

Frances Fernandes

Frances Fernandes
Senior Writer

909-787-3566 frances.fernandes@ucr.edu

Frances Fernandes is the newest addition to the staff. She is the senior writer and editor for the UC MEXUS News and other publications that the institute produces. She came to UC MEXUS in May after a long career in daily journalism. Fernandes studied Spanish with Italian at London University and completed master’s coursework in Asian American Studies at UCLA.

Travis Du Bry

Travis Du Bry
Webmaster and Site Designer

909-787-3519 tdubry@mail.ucr.edu

Travis Du Bry maintains the UC MEXUS website. He is responsible for creating, posting, and updating all relevant information. Du Bry is a doctoral candidate in anthropology at UCR. His dissertation examines the settlement patterns and community-building among farm laborers in rural California.

Postdoctoral Research Residents

Drs. Dolores Trevizo and Teresa Figueroa will help coordinate specific academic programs at the Institute throughout the 2002-2003 academic year. UCLA graduate Trevizo will continue her research on the settlement patterns of contemporary Mexican immigrants. UCSB graduate Figueroa will expand her current research on immigrant family farmers.