Number 39, Fall 2002

We're back: After a two-year hiatus, when program growth outstripped staff expansion, we return to quarterly publication with this Fall 2002 issue.


New budget ensures funds for students and researchers
The infusion of $4.5 million a year in state funding is transforming the University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States into one of the most effective programs of its kind in country.

Students first to feel effects of funding
The immediate impact of the Institute's increased financial stability was most strongly felt by the Mexican doctoral students attending UC under the agreement with CONACYT.

Researchers find more funding options
The programs conceived with the UC-CONACYT agreement received a huge boost with the influx of state funds in 2000.


Editorial - Neighbors' interdependence increases
Since its inception, the most common and persistent question posed to UC MEXUS has been "Why Mexico?"

Director Search - Review sets stage for recruitment
Armed with a record of successful programs and recommendations from a university review committee, the UC Office of the President and the UCR Chancellor are launching an international search for a new UC MEXUS director.

Mexican academics study UC's high-tech connections
The University of California and UC MEXUS organized a workshop on university-industry collaboration to inform a group of high-level Mexican academics how UC interacts with industry.

Fox, Davis

Fox, Davis take action on closer ties
UC MEXUS last year joined the governor of California and UC in presenting Mexico's new president, Vicente Fox, with a series of binational educational agreements – a gesture that confirmed the improved relations between the state and its neighbor.

Anthropologists take a look back
UC MEXUS helped sponsor two presidential sessions at the annual meeting of American anthropologists in 2001.


In Memoriam – Institute loses two dedicated supporters
UC MEXUS has lost two staunch supporters since the last issue of the UC MEXUS News.

Institute gains five new academic advisors
UC MEXUS has been extraordinarily fortunate in Advisory Committee members.

California House

UC goes to Mexico to set up 2nd facility
UC MEXUS is working with the state and two UC entities to establish a physical presence in Mexico.

More hands to manage new programs
Although UC MEXUS staff remains streamlined compared to the work it does, it has expanded to accommodate the increase in programs and participants.

Book Review – Healers cull from many traditions
This book is, as Bernard Ortiz de Montellano says in his perceptive foreword, “medical anthropology at its best.”

From our bookshelf
UC MEXUS received scores of book in the last two years; get information on them here.

2002 Awards, Grants, Fellowships & Sabbaticals